Phytosun Aroms Organic Marjoram Essential Oil

PHYTOSUN AROMS ESSENTIAL OIL Marjoram to thuyanol ORIGANUM MAJORANA CT thuyanol 5 ml View larger


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Phytosun Aroms essential oil Marjoram with thuyanol shells 5 ml HEBBD

Marjoram Essential Oil with shells has a powerful neurotonic but above all anti-infectious action.

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Used for : neurovegetative dystonias

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Origanum majorana thuyanol, 5 ml bottle
Family : Lamiaceae
Producing organ : flowering aerial parts
Biochemical specificities : 4-terpineol, cis-thuyan-4-ol

3595890244544 organic version

Marjoram Essential Oil with Shells promotes the body's natural defenses in difficult conditions.

Properties of organic essential oil of thuyanol marjoram

The essential oil of shell marjoram has properties:

  • Anti-infectives: fungicide, major antibacterial and powerful antiviral.
  • Immune stimulant in ENT infections.
  • Gastric stimulant and appetite regulator.
  • Tonic and regenerative hepatocyte.
  • Warming blood activator.
  • Neurotonic and nervous harmonizer.

Traditional indications of organic essential oil of marjoram with thuyanol

The essential oil of shell marjoram is used in the following therapeutic indications:

  • Infections such as cystitis, vulvitis, vaginitis, salpingitis, urethritis.
  • Respiratory and ENT infections: nasopharyngitis, tonsillitis, bronchitis, sinusitis, ear infections, rhinitis, flu.
  • Oral and gynecological herpes, condyloma.
  • Stomatitis, dry socket, tonsillitis, canker sores.
  • Cutaneous, nail and gynecological mycoses.
  • Liver failure: viral hepatitis, cirrhosis, etc.
  • Cold extremities (fingers and feet).
  • Nervous asthenia, depression.
  • Arthritis, neuromuscular disorders.

Notes on organic thuyanol marjoram essential oil

Same properties as thujanol thyme - thymus vulgaris CT THUYANOL.

The essential oil of thuyanol marjoram , as its name suggests, has a chemical composition very close to that of thujanol thyme essential oil. Indeed, it both contains a large proportion of a sesquiterpenol known for its powerful anti-infectious action: thuyanol .

The essential oil of shell marjoram can therefore replace that of thuyanol thyme easily, in aromatherapy formulas treating the ENT or muscle sphere.

Thujanol thyme is indeed a plant whose annual production is too low to meet demand.

Another note, this essential oil is not exciting despite its composition rich in alcohols. It should not be confused with the essential oil of oregano vulgaris or origanum compactum , which has a very phenolic composition.

Dosage / synergy with organic essential oil of thuyanol marjoram

Calming action of the nervous and cardiovascular system such as hypertension, palpitations or extra-systoles ; mix 5% marjoram ct thujanol essential oil in wheat germ vegetable oil . Apply this mixture, on the solar plexus, the soles of the feet and along the spine.

Adults: 2 drops, 3 times / day on a neutral PHYTOSUN arôms tablet.
Children over 7 years old: 1 drop, 3 times / day on a neutral PHYTOSUN arôms tablet.
For any other use, ask your pharmacist for advice.

Directions for use / precautions for use of organic thuyanol marjoram essential oil

  • Not recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women
  • Do not use pure (dermocaustic), always diluted
  • Do not distribute
  • Consult your pharmacist.
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose.
  • To be taken in addition to a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
  • Keep out of the reach of young children.
  • Do not use in children under 7 years old except on medical advice.
  • Do not use in pregnant or breastfeeding women, people with a history of epilepsy or convulsions, people hypersensitive to Essential Oils. Not recommended for people with asthma.
  • Never take pure orally without support. Never take more than 2 drops per dose, nor more than 8 drops per day of Essential Oil (s).
  • Do not use for a prolonged period (maximum 14 days).
  • Store away from light and heat in a tightly stoppered bottle.

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