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Peach skin, radiant complexion, fresh complexion ... all of this is what you dream of for your face, new textures, new formulas, skincare technology is constantly evolving, for beautiful and healthy skin . It is necessary to take care of your skin on a daily basis . You should know that the choice of products, hydration and cleansing of the skin help protect it and delay skin aging . Find the best cosmetics sold in your online pharmacy to treat your skin.

The number 1 step of the beauty routine is cleaning. For this, we will obviously use a makeup remover that will have to adapt to the type of skin, as well as a cleansing product. Gel, mousse or oil, there are various products today, so that everyone can find the ideal cleanser, as well as a makeup remover that not only aims to remove traces of makeup, but also provides care.

How to use the skin serum?

Choosing your serum is an important phase in a skincare routine , because this skin care product is one of the first products you will use in the morning. This one is provided with very powerful and concentrated active principles which will fill your skin with different properties . It will therefore be used in moderation, only one to two drops per day on the entire face. The serum is applied before its day cream.

What is the day cream used for?

She is your daily friend and an essential pillar of your beauty routine. In dermatology , the choice of a day cream must be made with great care, so that its active ingredients are able to improve the appearance of your skin, and to fill its small weaknesses.
Do not hesitate to swap your day care for another from time to time, in order to test new active ingredients. A skincare routine must evolve throughout life according to our needs which change over the seasons and ages.

Dermatology specific creams for skin care:

Sometimes, a simple day cream cannot address the problem of skin in certain areas of the face. This is particularly the case for the eye area which will require the use of specific cosmetics, or the area around the lips . For these targeted areas, it will be necessary to apply a suitable cream , which will help to treat the problems, without forgetting to respect the fragility of the mucous membranes or the eyelid.

Why use the night cream?

Night cream is also a must for taking care of your skin . It can only be applied in the evening because its active ingredients often make it richer. Because of its formulation, it is not made for making make-up after its use. This is why it applies at the end of the day, when you are not going out.

Choosing your dermatological night cream requires some thought. Its objective will be to offer concentrated care to the skin, during the regeneration period, when the epidermis will be very receptive to the active ingredients.

What is the use of the scrub?

In order for the skin to retain all its beauty , it will be necessary to exfoliate daily. The fact of using a scrub is therefore essential, generally once a week in order not to attack the epidermis. It can be chemical or mechanical depending on the skin types, however the goal will be to remove dead cells so that the epidermis reveals all its beauty.

You can also choose your scrub keeping in mind that it will also aim to prepare the skin for the installation of a mask , by making it more penetrable to its active ingredients.

When to apply the face mask?

Moisturizing, nourishing, purifying, anti-aging, the mask is a skin treatment to be performed once a week at least according to the needs of your skin, after its exfoliation. This will be provided with concentrated, powerful active molecules which will act in depth. It will therefore be important to integrate it into your skincare routine, to benefit from all the benefits of this type of cosmetic product. They are available for all skin types. We can even consider wearing several masks depending on the parts of the face: it is ideal for combination skin that is oily in the T zone, and drier on the cheeks.

Choosing your face mask therefore also requires careful thought, which will also be determined by your skin type.

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