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Face make-up removers: discover our new range of face make-up removers in the beauty department of your online organic drugstore

Even if you do not wear makeup, this does not exempt you from carefully cleaning your skin on a daily basis, it must be washed morning and evening with suitable products. Yes, over the course of the day, particles of pollution, dust, fabric and the like settle on the skin and stay there. Let us not forget either the natural production of sebum , which leaves a greasy film on the skin. The skin needs to be freed from these bacteria before nightfall in order to be fully oxygenated and to avoid the development of blemishes .

Important if you care about your radiant complexion: you also think of cleaning your skin in the morning when you wake up. With the friction against the pillow and the production of sebum at night, your skin needs a refresh to start the day on the right foot.

Needless to say, makeup removal is by far the most important step in a woman's beauty routine. Why ? Because removing make-up is the assurance of having glowing skin of health!
Indeed, makeup removers are not only used to remove makeup , since they also cleanse the skin, eliminating the impurities that accumulate there.
Thus, makeup removal removes all impurities, such as sebum or pollution particles , which clog the pores of the skin and cause a loss of its radiance.

Ideal in summer to counter the effects of heat, humidity or to remain sublime even after bathing, waterproof makeup is not always easy to remove. It requires taking the time to remove makeup. Rest assured, there is a simple routine to set up.

The two-phase makeup remover is composed of an aqueous phase and an oily phase . When mixed, they will effectively dissolve the waterproof formulation of the mascara without leaving a greasy effect. Indeed, the advantage of this product is that it gently removes make-up from the face without the need to rub. Before application, do not forget to shake the bottle to mix the phases before pouring it onto cotton wool which will be placed on the eyelids for a few seconds, pressing gently with the pads of your fingers and then pulling outwards.

Make-up removing milks , micellar waters , foams , creams or even cleansing oils.

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