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Anti redness treatment

Stress or heat and your cheeks blush? Your skin probably has a reactive tendency. If they are often without harmful effects, irritation and redness on the face are unsightly to say the least. It is therefore necessary to take care of it and pamper it with suitable anti-redness treatments, capable of soothing it .
Diffuse or established redness of the face requires moisturizing , protective , treating care but also capable of a " camouflage " effect thanks to pigments. Discover all of our anti-redness treatments in our online drugstore department.

The origin of the redness comes from the blood capillaries which run through the dermis and the hypodermis. Their size is regulated by the muscular sphincters which retain the blood or, on the contrary, let it circulate abundantly. Normally, these sphincters allow the temperature of the skin to be adapted to external conditions. However, aging, the climate or skin dryness can disrupt the functioning of this well-oiled mechanism. Result: the vessels remain dilated and redness appears. When they cover the nose and all of the cheekbones, it is then rosacea .

Anti-redness cream, for sensitive skin

The essential role of the anti-redness cream is to soothe the skin of people prone to irritation so that they can regain a beautiful complexion. Its assets make it possible in particular to fight against the excessive swelling of the blood capillaries, the inflammation and the redness which result therefrom. Anti-redness creams are generally very gentle and designed for hypersensitive and particularly reactive skin. They do not contain potentially irritating agents such as fruit acids, and are enriched with soothing active ingredients. However, to be really effective and reduce unwanted irritation, the anti-redness cream must act on three levels.

The anti-redness cream must have these 3 different actions:

  • a treating cream
  • protective
  • covering

The anti-redness cream must above all treat the skin in order to limit the dilation of the microcapillaries and strengthen the entire blood network. But it must also protect the entire epidermis from future attacks. In summer, it is therefore preferable to turn to creams that combine an anti-UV filter with their active ingredients. In winter, we prefer a nourishing anti-redness cream enriched with shea butter or combined with a cold cream. Finally, in case of stubborn irritation, it is possible to opt for a covering anti-redness cream enriched with corrective pigments. Ideal in an emergency, it helps to camouflage redness on the face that occurs unexpectedly.

To naturally relieve rosacea we recommend:

  • Apply a white clay mask once or twice a week, keeping the clay always moist during the dwell time.
  • After cleansing the skin, use the hydrosol of cistus, matricaria , true lavender or witch hazel
  • In the event of a severe crisis, apply compresses of one of the hydrosols mentioned on the skin and leave to pause for a moment.

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