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Combination skin is the most common type of skin, and also the most difficult to control, due to its unstable nature. The skin is mixed, it is what? As its name suggests it is “mixed”, it makes the big difference between two types of skin namely between oily skin, and normal to dry skin.

More simply, combination skin is present in the oily T zone (forehead, nose, chin) , with problems similar to those encountered by oily skin, only on this zone. It is not uncommon in combination skin to see imperfections, blackheads, or simply a less fine skin texture, in the T zone. The rest of the face, meanwhile, alternates between normal skin and skin. dry, depending on the sensitivity of the skin and the time of year.

Cleanse your combination skin without attacking it:

When you have combination skin, it's hard to remember that you don't have oily skin, they are two very different skin types. It is therefore better to avoid products dedicated to oily skin, especially when it comes to daily cleansing of the skin. You should favor softer formulas, which are not likely to dehydrate your combination skin or make it more sensitive. We therefore use cleansing cleansing oil, or a soap-free foaming gel .

For morning cleansing, you can simply opt for true lavender floral water , ideal for refreshing the skin after the night, without damaging the hydrolipidic film. When you cleanse your skin, you should put a little more emphasis on the T zone than on the rest of the face, in order to eliminate the excess sebum and obtain a clear skin , ready to receive its care.

Mattify the T zone without drying the cheeks with skin care.

To mattify the T zone, face masks are great aids. Once a week, you can give yourself a purifying mask to prevent the appearance of blemishes and refine the skin texture. Either you take a gentle formula, designed for sensitive skin, especially if you have dry cheeks; either you choose a more active formula, for example, based on green clay or vegetable charcoal , and you only apply it on the T zone.

Bring sufficient hydration to your combination skin:

To take care of your combination skin , there are mattifying care creams, based on sebum-regulating active ingredients. However, they must be chosen with moisturizing active ingredients as well, so as not to dry out the skin. Alternatively, you can double up with moisturizer on top, as mattifying cream alone will not be enough to hydrate the skin properly in most cases.

One of the big difficulties when taking care of your combination skin is its unstable appearance . Depending on the seasons, the environment, but also the hormonal cycle, it can evolve. Your skin may have a more oily phase, then a more sensitive phase, or a phase where imperfections multiply. Be aware of these variations and adapt your skincare routine according to them: apply a richer cream in case of dryness, lighter in case of increased sebum production, make a good mask or use a special cream for blemishes in case of dryness. occurrence of comedones and blackheads.

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