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Oily skin care: To keep your skin looking beautiful, you need to take care of it. Find the best products sold in pharmacies to treat your oily skin .

Dilated pores, shine, dull complexion ... Oily skin is a concentrate of problems that do not only concern adolescents. Pimples and blackheads can also appear on adult faces. Do not panic ! There are specific treatments for oily skin and imperfections , even severe ones, in particular treatments that regulate sebum production.
To overcome this too visible T zone and this unsightly shine , take advantage of our selection of products to take care of your face on a daily basis .

The lotion is totally suitable when cleaning the skin daily . It is particularly recommended for oily skin since it allows to limit the obstruction of the pores. You can use it in the morning to cleanse your skin of nighttime sweat as well as excess sebum. Then in the evening after removing makeup to remove the last makeup residue and have perfectly clean skin before going to bed.

She's a little oily, her pores are dilated orshe shines during the day , it's official, you have blemish-prone skin.
A type of skin characterized by disorderly sebum production. Be reassured of beautiful skin with zero blemishes, zero imperfections, it is possible.
Cleanse, moisturize, heal. An adapted beauty routine, that's all it takes for flawless skin!

Ten minutes. This is the time needed to accomplish these little beauty rituals that are good for both skin and morale. Simple and effective gestures that give us a break just for us, to allow us to feel beautiful and good on a daily basis.

This box contains two essential products for a successful morning beauty ritual! In the morning, start by ridding your skin of excess sebum accumulated during the night with Aqua Magnifica lotion, then moisturize it before applying your makeup with Magnifica cream. Repeat the operation at the end of the day using the lotion to perfect the make-up removal from your skin.

How to get rid of blackheads ?

Know that if you think you can get rid of your blackheads by piercing them, you are wrong! This is obviously not the solution. It might be tempting to pierce your blackheads, but it's a really bad idea.
To say goodbye to them, there are less barbaric tips such as steam baths. Followed by a scrub, they help get rid of those unpleasant little skin imperfections.

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