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Normal skins

Is your skin recognized as normal skin? But how lucky you are! Know that you are one of the lucky ones chosen to live the absolute dream of all people who do not have your skin type.
But be careful, just because nature has spoiled you does not mean that you do not have to take care of your epidermis : neglected, normal skin can indeed very quickly turn into dry skin and oily skin if it is neglected. this is cleaned with the wrong care.

How do you recognize normal skin?

Soft and smooth, neither oily nor dry, normal skin is, it can be said, the perfect skin that everyone dreams of. It is easily recognized by its fine, smooth and regular skin texture without dilated pores and by the absence of imperfections on its surface. To the touch, it gives full meaning to the expression of peach skin thanks to its velvet texture. But its singularity also lies in the fact that it tolerates rather well the various aggressions it faces: where other types of skin start to tug (cold, wind, prolonged exposure to the sun) or to shine (heat, humidity, perspiration) normal skin remains equal to itself: Perfect!

The enemies of normal skin:

Normal skins resist various attacks better than others, but this does not mean that they are completely immune to enemy attack, and this is also less and less the case over time. and as the years go by. With age, the skin regenerates less quickly and loses its level of hydration. It defends itself less well against the cold, the drought, the ultraviolet rays of the sun or the repetitive friction due to clothing, which attacks its protective hydrolipidic film. Result: the skin dries up and ages prematurely because it is precisely the lack of hydration that causes the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles .

How to take care of normal skin?

To take care of normal skin, there is no miracle recipe: eating properly and balanced, getting enough sleep, knowing how to control stress are all ways to preserve the beauty and suppleness of your skin, from the inside out. . But beyond this recommended lifestyle for all skin types, your skin also needs to be pampered. Nothing too restrictive, don't worry: a weekly exfoliation to help get rid of its dead cells (by exfoliating your skin more than once a week you risk drying it out), a cloud of moisturizing milk after the shower ( to replace with a moisturizer, more nourishing, in winter or a vegetable oil if you prefer) and voila.

What washing care should I use for normal skin?

One of the many benefits of normal skin is that you can choose from all types of cleansers. Shower oil , surgras soap , soap without soap, the possibilities are endless.

Soap without soap is a synthetic detergent (based on petroleum derivatives aka the famous surfactants) with a pH close to that of the skin, it is therefore especially recommended for fragile, dry or even atopic skin which obviously does not prevent you to use it.

Like soap without soap, surgras soap is particularly recommended for dry or fragile skin, but it is just as perfect for normal skin. Be careful, however, to only use it on your body and not on your face, which could easily become oily.

The traditional soap is a natural soap, which tends to dry out the already fragile skin and dry due to its basic pH of around 10. With your normal skin you can use a traditional soap without the risk of your skin, however, dry out the condition of '' moisturize carefully when you get out of the shower .
Shower oil:
Shower oil is quite an experience for the senses on its own. Its original soft and enveloping texture moisturizes all skin types and turns into a foam when applied in the shower. It brings a serious boost to the natural hydrolipidic film of the skin which makes it ideal for all skin types, dry and normal skin in mind.

Normal skin has almost all the qualities. Its tone gives it softness and suppleness and it does not present any sensitivity . Even if this type of skin looks perfect, you should not neglect its care. Normal skin also needs hydration to maintain its radiance. Make sure to moisturize it daily to preserve its well-being and to clean it regularly, to eliminate dead skin , dust and to promote the conservation of optimal sebum production.

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