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Eczema: find our new range of pharmaceutical products in the Hygiene / Beauty department of your online bio pharmacy to effectively treat Eczema problems

Eczema is a chronic skin disease that can affect babies, children and adults alike. It is defined by the appearance of reddened skin lesions, vesicles and crusts evolving in spurts. It generates a very great dryness of the skin and an alteration of the cutaneous barrier. It is accompanied by pain and sometimes intense itching which can prove to be disabling on a daily basis.
There are several forms of eczema:
There are several forms of eczema depending on the age, location and frequency of occurrence. Three forms of eczema are mainly encountered:

Atopic eczema : This form of eczema arises from two factors, biological and environmental. It can occur in the first months of life and continue into adulthood. It is estimated in France that up to 25% of children are affected by atopic eczema. By learning the right actions, atopic eczema can be controlled.
Chronic hand eczema: This form of eczema is found mainly in adults, it can result from a professional activity where the hands are often in contact with water or chemicals and abrasives.
Contact eczema: Itching and redness appear on the contact area? This is usually how contact eczema appears. It is similar to an allergic reaction which can be alleviated by moisturizing the area and avoiding contact with the irritant.

Eczema is one of the most common skin diseases. Non-contagious, it evolves by flare, and can be allergic, acute or chronic. Allergic eczema (" atopic dermatitis ") is common in childhood, especially in young patients who are genetically predisposed to allergies.
It is an inflammatory disease of the skin characterized by redness , intense itching , the appearance of small rough elevations turning into vesicles and which end up oozing, drying out , forming crusts.
This inflammation of the skin causes difficulties on a daily basis and can be very painful, discover the best treatments intended to soothe your skin .

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