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The mouth is the largest of the entry routes into the body and the most frequented: quintals of food in a lifetime, billions of saprophytic bacteria and 32 teeth which must coexist in good harmony. Brushing your teeth is part of basic personal hygiene. Good oral hygiene helps keep teeth healthy and displays a pretty smile .
Choosing a toothpaste may seem trivial, but it does require some thought. No one has the same needs. Yellow, sensitive or decayed teeth do not have the same expectations. Tooth sensitivity, healthy gums , plaque removal, white teeth .

The basis of good oral hygiene is twice-daily toothbrushing using a suitable toothbrush, on which the French Oral Health Union recommends placing a dab of toothpaste.

The main thing is brushing!
To clean the teeth of forming dental plaque and food debris, the mechanical movement of the bristles of the brush on all surfaces of the teeth is sufficient, provided it is carried out correctly. Toothpaste is especially useful for its fluoride intake.

Fluoride is a trace element that goes into the composition of teeth. Provided in an appropriate amount by toothpaste,it strengthens the enamel . Fluoride toothpaste is therefore the most suitable measure to prevent cavities. Moreover, as you have noticed, the younger generations have much less cavities than our grandparents had. And that's thanks to fluoride.

The level of fluoride must be adapted to the age:

  • Before 2 years, no toothpaste, otherwise, he may swallow it.
  • Between 250 ppm and 500 ppm for a 2 year old child, only if he knows how to spit it out.
  • Between 500 ppm and 1000 ppm for a 3 year old child who knows how to spit it out.
  • Between 1000 and 1500 ppm for children over 6 years old and adults.

These levels are indicated taking into account two brushings per day lasting 2 minutes each.

Be careful, however, not to fall into the overdose of fluoride because it can lead to harmful fluorosis. Conversely, in the event of a high risk of cavities and after having carried out a fluoride assessment, the dentist may have to prescribe fluoride supplementation ( mouthwash , high-dose toothpaste).

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