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Your teeth have turned yellow, stained, gray and dull, and you are worried about having to smile. There are many causes for the change in the color of your teeth, starting with age. Over time, the enamel becomes thinner and lets the yellow color of the dentin show through. Other elements are responsible for this yellowing of the teeth: tobacco, consumption of tea, coffee, poor oral hygiene , taking certain medications, eating too sweet, indeed sugar leaves a lot of deposit on our teeth, heredity, dental trauma. Fortunately, there are dental whitening treatments and treatments available at home. We invite you to find out more and we will help you find a smile that dazzles with whiteness and vitality.

Different products help you whiten your teeth. Here are some natural tips for keeping a healthy smile:

Baking soda : the fine particles of this powder help reduce stains on teeth. Just sprinkle a small amount on the toothbrush.

Sodium bicarbonate for whiter and cleaner teeth: this natural treatment helps you reduce dental plaque and cleanse the oral sphere. Use once a week or more as recommended by your dentist.

Vegetable charcoal : this black powder has a strong bleaching and abrasive power. To be used twice a week maximum.

Whitening toothpastes are to be used selectively, as some are very abrasive and can damage your teeth over a long period of time due to their high abrasion rate.
On the market, you will also find many whitening dental products, which use among others lemon, activated charcoal, baking soda:

Teeth Whiteness

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Smiling could live up to seven more years, a recent study assures us. No reason, in this case, to do without. However, many people are reluctant to reveal their teeth, complexed by their color.
Over time, teeth turn yellow or stain . These inconveniences are accentuated if you have bad habits (too sweet food, smoking, heavy consumption of coffee, tea, etc.)
However, there are several solutions to find white teeth . Among them, whitening toothpastes for teeth or whitening kits which are very successful.

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