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The daily hygiene of dental prostheses and other dentures is essential, because it avoids the appearance of certain ailments which are caused by all the pathogenic bacteria present in the oral sphere and which find a perfect ground to lodge there and reproduce. Because let us not forget that whatever the dental prosthesis, it is made up of dental resin which presents at the microscopic level a certain porosity favorable to the capture of these microorganisms.

Even metal-based prostheses retain a microbial flora which is at the origin of this famous dental plaque which will gradually transform into tartar.

No less than 500 species of microorganisms have been identified in the mouth, such as Candida Albicans.

The cleaning of dental appliances regardless of the method maintains it is therefore essential. Because having a white denture is part of the wish of many people.
This produces the colonization of microorganisms that stick to the dental resin of the prostheses and for those who use dental glue to fix their dentures, these cleaning solutions will participate in the elimination of residues of this dental glue.
We can see the importance of dental hygiene in the prevention of several diseases in people wearing dentures . This importance becomes even greater in the elderly.

Maintenance of dental appliances in pharmacies

A good maintenance of dental apparatus requires having the appropriate specific equipment. Indeed, it is necessary to clean the dental apparatus using a suitable hygiene product.

The actions to be performed are the same as when brushing conventional teeth, that is to say by performing rotary movements to brush the teeth and the gum tissue while respecting an angle of 45 ° in the positioning of the brush. The operation is to be repeated after each meal.

The resin used to make dentures is not as strong as natural tooth enamel. You will therefore be gentle when brushing. You can purchase a soft toothbrush as well as suitable dental appliance cleaning products .

Maintenance of dental prostheses

Fixed or removable, your dental prosthesis is made to measure and adapted to your mouth. Although made from materials that last over time, it needs daily maintenance.
New technology in denture adhesive cream dentures manages to create such a natural appearance that the difference is imperceptible.
Discover a selection of products to regain comfort and confidence in your dental prosthesis.

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