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Dentists recommend brushing your teeth twice a day. However, there is no right time to floss. Whenever people find the time to do it right, they can do it. During sleep, saliva production and teeth protection decrease, so using it before sleep or once in 24 hours is a good way to go.

As with the toothbrush , you should not share a piece of dental floss, as it can introduce bacteria into the mouth. People are wondering about its reuse more than once after rinsing and drying, as it is believed that oral bacteria may not survive dry conditions. However, dental floss can lose its potential teeth cleaning effectiveness after just one use and it can redeposit bacteria in the mouth. This is why dentists recommend using a lump only once.

Brushing after flossing is beneficial because while brushing the toothpaste has direct access to the teeth and when we spit and rinse frequently it helps to dislodge food debris if it remains between or around the teeth. The other alternative way to dental floss would be the interdental brush .

Dental floss comes in different varieties. Which type is best for you depends on your preferences, the width of the space between your teeth, and whether you have braces or a bridge.

Some dental floss is easier to use in larger spaces, while other types are more suitable for use in narrower spaces.

The different types of dental floss include:

Standard dental floss . It is a thin nylon thread that can fit between the teeth. It can be flavored or not as well as waxed or unwaxed. If your teeth are tight or close together, waxed dental floss can make it easier to access them.

• Super dental floss. This dental floss threader can work with braces, dental bridges and spaces.
It has three components:

  • A reinforced end for flossing under the appliances,
  • A spongy silk to clean around your devices,
  • Regular dental floss to remove plaque from under your gum tissue.

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All dentists will tell you, in order to have a healthy mouth and a brilliant smile , there is only one secret, to brush your teeth effectively after each meal.
Gum problems start at the edge of the gums and between the teeth. Flossing is an important part of your daily oral hygiene because it helps remove plaque where the toothbrush cannot work properly.
There are many types of dental floss. It can be polyethylene, Teflon or nylon. It can be waxed or unwaxed. The choice of dental floss also depends on your teeth.

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