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Oral hygiene is not just about the health of your teeth. To take care of your whole mouth, use a mouthwash in addition to brushing.
Brushing your teeth only allows you to reach 25% of your mouth. Use daily mouthwash after brushing for optimal oral hygiene .
Their formula generally contains active ingredients that are not found, or in very small quantities, in toothpastes.
Antiseptic, protective, purifying formulas . there are products suited to everyone's needs.

There are different types of mouthwashes, which are used in addition to brushing. Rather, they are intended for people with particular problems with their teeth or gums. Mouthwashes are only really useful when the risk of cavities or gingivitis is increased.

  • When brushing imperfectly;
  • Wearing a device as part of orthodontic treatment;
  • Taking certain medications (long-term corticosteroids, antidepressants that induce a decrease in saliva);
  • Poor eating habits (snacking, excessive consumption of sodas or acidic foods which may be the cause of dental hypersensitivity).

Using a mouthwash then makes it possible to reach areas that are difficult to access with a toothbrush , dental floss or brush heads . People suffering from bad breath of oral origin also benefit from using a suitable mouthwash .

Antiseptic formulas: to treat infections:

Antiseptic mouthwashes contain highly concentrated active ingredients against germs, among which we find especially chlorhexidine and hexetidine .

In which cases to use them? These products treat infections and inflammations of the oral sphere. They are also recommended after dental surgery to prevent the development of "bad germs".

What exactly can you expect from it? Relief of swelling of the gums or soothing pain in case of infection. However, mouthwashes alone cannot cure a real infection. They are most often associated, where appropriate, with oral antibiotic treatment.

Directions for use: two to three mouthwashes per day for a maximum of two weeks.

Protective formulas: against cavities :

Their mission is to strengthen tooth enamel and make it more resistant to acid attacks.

In which cases to use them? The products are intended for people at risk of developing cavities. They are also useful for teens who wear rings and whose brushing sometimes leaves something to be desired because it is more complicated.

What exactly can you expect from it? Its interest is preventive. In any case, a mouthwash can cure cavities.

Directions for use: wash your mouth regularly after each meal. In cure of one month to begin.

Precautions: do not rinse your mouth after use, at the risk of eliminating fluoride.

Mouthwashes: Return all of our new range of mouthwashes to the hygiene department of your online bio pharmacy

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