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Toothbrushes: Return all of our new range of toothbrush in the hygiene department of your bio pharmacy online

For a long time, to clean their teeth, we brushed them with vegetables or chewed a stick. In 1498, the Chinese create the toothbrush. Nevertheless, its boar bristles, too hard, irritate the gums and, with their shape of mini-pipes, the bacteria proliferate there. When the toothbrush arrives in France in the eighteenth century, under Louis XV, it seduces so few people. It is the invention of Nylon, in 1937, by the American laboratories Du Pont de Nemours, which democratizes the utensil, making the toothbrush more pleasant and hygienic.

Oral health is based primarily on a tool, the toothbrush . A device made of long plastic and a brush handle, it is essential for daily newspapers.
Whether they are soft bristles, medium or hard, electric or manual , there are now a multitude of toothbrushes, meeting all your requirements and especially your oral sensitivity.

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