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Why choose an electric toothbrush?

Electric toothbrushes are more effective than manual brushing. It's no secret: to have a pretty smile , you need to clean your teeth at least twice a day for at least 2 minutes. Good oral hygiene is the basis in preventing gum problems and cavities . However, it is scientifically proven that people using a manual toothbrush have difficulty mastering the correct gesture and brush their teeth for only 30 seconds to 1 minute, generally.

The electric toothbrush is therefore more efficient because it allows us to brush our teeth well: the built- in timer on most models pushes us to hold brushing for at least 2 minutes.

No risk of making the wrong movement either. The electric toothbrush works for us, we just have to pass it along our teeth.

The advantages of electric toothbrushes on our oral hygiene are unmistakable. According to an independent study, published in June 2014, by The Cochrane Collaboration , the electric toothbrush allows us, in 1 month of use, to reduce dental plaque by 11% and, in 3 months, by 21%.

Does the electric toothbrush fit all mouths?

Yes, the electric toothbrush is suitable for even the most sensitive mouths. Contrary to popular belief, manual brushing is more aggressive than electric brushing. Electric toothbrushes are more and more efficient and offer us several brushing modes for personalized use.

You can therefore use an electric toothbrush if you wear a prosthesis or dental appliance . But sometimes it is not enough. In such cases, for example,interdental brushes should also be used to remove the last stuck dirt.

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77% of French people aged 25 to 65 take care of their teeth in order to preserve their health. Brushing your teeth is essential to maintain healthy and clean oral hygiene .
The classic manual toothbrush must now share the shelves with more high-tech competitors: electric, rechargeable or battery- powered toothbrushes.
There is no secret: to have a beautiful smile , it is therefore particularly important to have good oral hygiene.
The electric toothbrush works on its own and therefore requires less effort . Some brushes are also equipped with a timer that allows you to better respect the two minutes of brushing.

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