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Canker sores , also known as mouth ulcers , are small lesions that form on the lips , tongue, or inside of the mouth .
Fatigue, stress, reduced immune defenses, canker sores have multiple causes. And even if they are mild, having canker sores in your mouth is not at all pleasant. The treatment of canker sore usually consists of passing an antiseptic or anesthetic gel , ointment or cream over the area. These locally acting solutions can disinfect the area and relieve pain . They can also limit the risk of superinfection and will facilitate healing .
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Canker sores are common: it is believed that 60% of the population have them at least once in their lifetime. It can occur very occasionally and disappear spontaneously in one to two weeks or return regularly, this is called a recurrent canker sore. These small white or yellow superficial ulcers are called clean lesions because they are not the result of infection by bacteria or fungi.

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Very painful, canker sores are small superficial ulcerations that affect the tongue, the floor of the mouth or the gums, sometimes the inside of the cheeks.
Fatigue, stress, reduced immune defenses, canker sores have multiple causes. They can also be due, in those who are sensitive to them, to certain foods rich in prussic acid.
There are solutions to help you get rid of it faster. For mild canker sores, treatment is mainly local. It is based on the use of mouthwashes , anesthetic gel , oral spray or antibacterial, antiseptic or anesthetic lozenges.

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