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For the vast majority of consumers, a good soft toothbrush is one that lasts the longest possible. Big mistake, over time, you will cost yourself. So, how do you choose your toothbrush?
Soft bristle toothbrushes are less aggressive on tooth enamel and gums . They are therefore particularly recommended for people suffering from sensitivity of the gums or teeth .
If you are prone to bleeding , all hairs other than flexible are to be avoided. Contrary to popular belief, models with soft bristles effectively remove dental plaque , because the bristles crisscross and slip into the interstices .

There are three main categories of manual toothbrush: soft, medium and hard. This term refers to the hardness and density of the bristles. The soft toothbrush is the most recommended by dentists, because it is the one that protects the most the enamel of our teeth while being effective in the removal of impurities and dental plaque. Particularly suitable for people with fragile gums, the soft toothbrush is also ideal during pregnancy. During this period inflammation and bleeding gums are more frequent, so it is important to brush your teeth as gently as possible.

Medium bristle toothbrushes are the most popular on the market, but not the most recommended for your mouth. It is advisable to choose a model with soft bristles, less aggressive for tooth enamel and gums.

In addition, the soft bristles remove dental plaque just as effectively as they crisscross and slip into the gaps between the teeth. The best: choose a brush that alternates long and short hairs.

Choose a small head for a thorough cleaning , but it can be shorter or longer and / or wide. Adapt your choice to the size of your mouth. Be aware that a small head makes it easier to clean the back teeth and the inside of the teeth.

Prefer a soft handle for a thorough cleaning. The ideal handle? It is lightweight and has rounded corners, to give you comfort and range of motion when brushing . Too much brush pressure on the gums can damage them.

Soft toothbrushes: Return all of our new range of soft toothbrushes to the hygiene department of your online bio pharmacy.

The criteria to look at before buying your toothbrush are the bristles, the head and the handle. The main characteristics that differ from toothbrush to toothbrush are the hardness of the bristles, the shape of the head and that of the handle. The number one criterion is undoubtedly the hardness of the hairs, the softer they are and the less they will attack your enamel and your gums . Contrary to what one might think, hard bristles are not the best suited to get rid of sugar and other bacteria deposited on our teeth. On the contrary, it is unanimously recognized to use a toothbrush with soft bristles . These are softer and do not attack the enamel. In addition, they slip more easily into areas that are difficult to brush and sensitive to cavities : the inter-dental spaces.

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