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Cattier Toothpaste Anti-aging Tonic 75ml Dentargile

Enriched in clay and essential oil of rosemary to strengthen teeth.

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DENTARGILE - Anti-aging Fortifying Cattier

Clay and enriched with essential oil of rosemary to strengthen the teeth.

Properties Toothpaste DENTARGILE Anti-aging Fortifying Cattier

Toothpaste DENTARGILE Fortifying Anti-Aging and Dental Cattier, thanks to a formula enriched with clay mineral complex composition, and organic rosemary essential oil, with stimulating and purifying properties, strengthens tooth enamel, helps to eliminate the plaque and strengthens teeth. Sea salt rich in trace elements, tones the gums.

Directions for use of toothpaste DENTARGILE Anti-aging Fortifying Cattier

DENTARGILE use at least twice daily after meals. Apply a dose of toothpaste on the toothbrush and brush the outside, inside and top teeth for two minutes minimum. Make small rotational movements of the gingiva to the tooth. Brush the tongue to freshen breath.

Composition of Toothpaste DENTARGILE Anti-aging Fortifying Cattier

Green Clay, Rosemary essential oil

ROSEMARY (Rosmarinus officinalis): stimulating, astringent, purifying, anti-irritant

Rosemary was one of the first herbs used medically. Formerly it was believed to protect against evil spirits. Native to Central Europe, it is found much in the Mediterranean region. Its scent is powerful, fresh and grassy, with a camphor tone.

Rosemary essential oil stimulates circulation and tones the skin without irritation. Refreshing, antiseptic and antibacterial, it is also purifying, invigorating and moisturizing.

Purifying Cleansing Gel, Purifying Lotion, Purifying Mask, Touch'Express, Dentargile Rosemary Shampoo quickly regreasing Vinegar Rosemary, vegetable soft soap ALARGIL, Green Clay Mask

Presentation of Cattier toothpaste DENTARGILE Anti-Aging Tonic

75 ml tube

Toothpaste certified by Ecocert Organic cosmetics: Without fluorine, paraben, chlorhexidine or chlorine stabilizer.
Remineralizing with clay contains sea salt and oils Essenciel certified AB.
CATTIER French laboratory that produced in France in the department of 91.

easily avoid bad habits that damage your teeth

Without knowing it, you may have made bad habits for your teeth. Discover what these behaviors that damage your teeth.

Brushing teeth immediately after dinner

Brushing teeth with toothpaste right after eating is not a good idea. In fact, some foods contain acidic substances that weaken tooth enamel and brushing teeth immediately after a meal pushes the acid deeper into the enamel. It is therefore advisable to wait at least half an hour after the meal before brushing your teeth with a suitable toothpaste.
Similarly, do not brush your teeth right after a reflux episode.

Nibbling outside the main meals

When we succumb to the temptation of snacking is often for foods that contain lots of sugar, which promotes tooth decay. Also, if you think about brushing your teeth after every meal, we do not always think after nibbled!
Our advice after your snacks if you can not brush your teeth, rinse your mouth with a full glass of water.

Do not brush your teeth at night

The moment must never forget to brush your teeth with a good toothpaste, it is evening. Indeed, the night we secrete less saliva, caries formation the risk is highest at that time, because saliva neutralize oral acidity.
Our advice, choose a soft toothbrush and change it every 3 months. When you can not brush your teeth, rinse at least the mouth with water.

Smoking cigarettes

It has long been known, in addition to lead to serious problems like cancer or heart and lung diseases, tobacco is harmful to the oral cavity. Indeed, nicotine attacks the enamel and tar darkens the tooth. Tobacco also contributes to the development of tartar. Finally, smokers on average three times more cavities than non-smokers. so use a special toothpaste for smokers.

Drink some drinks are not recommended for the health of your teeth

The worst drinks for your teeth are coffee, fruit tea, red wine, juices, especially red fruit juices, soft drinks and alcoholic beverages. We suggest an anti-caries toothpaste for those who fail to do without this kind of drinks.

The Cattier Warranty

- Products formulated with natural ingredients partly from organic agriculture

- Non-polluting and recyclable packaging
- Without ingredients from petrochemicals (paraffin, silicone, PEG, PPG)
- Without glycol ether
- Without aluminum salt
- No synthetic fragrance
- Without artificial coloring
- Unauthorized synthetic preservatives (parabens, phenoxyethanol, EDTA, DMDM)
- Without raw material of animal origin

DENTARGILE - DENTIFRICES CLAY laboratory Cattier Sulfate 0% - 0% Fluor

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