Iron in Pharmacy

Iron is a trace element essential to health that brings energy and vitality. Without it, anemia, psychic and physical fatigue can settle.

Indeed, iron is involved in the manufacture of hemoglobin, certain enzymes and muscles. The only problem is that its assimilation is very slow and weak and the organism can not synthesize it. Our iron reserves are therefore "fragile." More so in women during menstruation (heavy iron loss), during a slimming diet, in pregnant women (breastfeeding), children, adolescents and the elderly. As a result, iron deficiency is one of the most frequent. Hence the interest of supplementing iron in order to strengthen its reserves.

Consume foods rich in iron (red meat, pudding, offal and some vegetables), fruits rich in vitamin C that promote its assimilation. This is often not enough. It is advisable to make a cure of iron (the most natural possible) well tolerated that you can associate with copper and vitamin C to optimize its assimilation.

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