Highly recommended for the restoration of the intestinal flora and Treating 'bottom' of arterial problems ..

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Used for : intestinal transit, menopausal symptoms, aging, calcium assimilation, magnesium assimilation

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    The dogwood is a shrub sunny limestone wasteland.
    This macerate concentrated glycerin supports traffic.

    The dogwood is a shrub limestone wasteland sunny. Little known formerly at the medical level (febrifuge fruit, astringent bark), it nonetheless has a remarkable signature blood red bark is quite characteristic and foliage blushed as soon as August.

    It is through gemmotherapy its circulatory properties will be. Indeed, the dogwood is a major cure the heart, both in coronary artery disease and coronary heart disease as senile heart, but especially as a preventative of infarction. It neutralizes the formation of infarction.

    Description DOGWOOD BLOOD bud MACERATED bio

    DOGWOOD BLOOD, macerate Cardiovascular

    The macerate comes as draining Dogwood Blood arteries but also restores intestinal flora

    use of advisory and review extracts macerated glycerine DOGWOOD BLOOD

    Take 10 to 15 drops, between meals, pure or diluted in source water for 21 days.
    A course of two months is recommended.
    In cure, 3 weeks of daily intake, then one week off for 3 months.
    In interview, one week per month.

    Arterial level, dogwood acts as drainer of arteries and anti-inflammatory. It shows in various arteritis, especially the lower limbs and those of smoking (every smoker should regularly make a cure Dogwood!), And those of Horton (inflammation of the temporal artery).

    Its tonic action on the arteries is associated with anti-atherosclerotic properties. It is a great anti-thrombotic medicine. Its anti-clotting action that helps maintain blood flow is paradoxically associated with anti-bleeding properties, both at head level, that abdominal chest. Some plants are so bipolar next action to perform.

    For his circulatory action, the r cornouille acts as antinecrotic on tissues even in the acute phase, when the necrosis from a capillary infarction.

    Its action on edema allows perhaps understand that its activity is extended to the spleen. Indeed, dogwood curiously acts as stimulating bone marrow (stimulation of mast cells and plasma cells).

    At the réna, dogwood is in nephrosis (kidney malfunction glomeruli whose capillaries no longer retain blood proteins) whose origin is unknown in conventional medicine, could lie in the functioning of the spleen according to traditional Chinese medicine.

    At glandular level, the dogwood is indicated in hyperthyroidism (Graves' disease), the occurrence of euthyroid goitre and the phenomena of endocrinopathy. Note also that the liver Kupffer cells are stimulated by dogwood.

    possible association with DOGWOOD BLOOD bud MACERATED bio

    It is always better to associate DEPURASEVE Herbalgem laboratory, it allows the elimination of toxins in the body and the remineralization of it.

    Accinium composition vitis idaea

    Young shoots DOGWOOD BLOOD ° ° alcohol (35%), water, vegetable glycerin.
    ° Ingredients from organic farming.

    Use caution with DOGWOOD BLOOD bud MACERATED bio

    Keep refrigerated after opening.

    Not recommended for pregnant and / or breastfeeding.
    Keep out of reach of children.

    Presentation DOGWOOD BLOOD bud MACERATED bio

    30 ml bottle
    Used part of the plant: the bud and shoots
    Gemmotherapy Bio and Ecocert certified traceability

    Our opinion of experts in pharmacy gemmotherapy

    Gemmotherapy Biogemm laboratory offers a wide range of natural and effective products, herbal, designed to ensure the welfare of all ages.
    The range of concentrated French laboratory gemmotherapy Biogemm has more than 60 natural extracts of buds including:

    • The unit concentrates macerated glycerine (or macerates mother) Biogemm that contain all the properties of a single bud;
    Biogemm complexes, harmonious associations of various mother macerates that meet targeted health problem.

    gemmotherapy products DOGWOOD BLOOD bud MACERATED bio are prepared EXCLUSIVELY with fresh buds from organic agriculture, stabilized directly on the harvesting site. They are concentrated (undiluted unlike gemmotherapy products laboratory Boiron) to preserve all the properties of the bio bud.

    macerat biogemm Glycerine Macerates BioGemm

    For the BIOGEMM Laboratories, gemmotherapy is the most modern result and represents the best and ultimate concentrate of Herbal Medicine and Traditional Herbal Medicine .

    It is because we have selected with the greatest rigor our partner producers, that we are able to assure you a purity, an origin, an exceptional traceability of our products with the best dosages, all resulting from Organic Farming.

    Thus, we wish to help you Naturally and Durably to solve many health problems such as Breathing, Anti-aging, Joints, Skin, Slimming, Natural Defenses, Sleep, Tone Vitality or Circulation, Welfare, Stress ..., under gemmotherapy form of single plants or plant complexes.

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