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From the Latin "gemmae" which means "bud", gemmotherapy is a form of herbal medicine which uses plant embryonic tissues to treat certain ailments.

Commonly called “bud medicine”, gemmotherapy is part of the large family of herbal therapies, which propose to prevent and treat a variety of health problems using plants. From the Latin term gem, which means both bud and precious stone, gemmotherapy exclusively uses the fresh embryonic tissues of plants, trees and shrubs, i.e. buds, young shoots and rootlets.

According to the theory, the buds have certain therapeutic properties superior to those of the various parts of the mature plant. The bud, being an embryo, would carry within it the development potential of the plant, a bit as if it were at the same time the roots, the stems, the leaves, the flowers and the fruits. It also contains high concentrations of active elements like hormones, trace elements, vitamins, minerals, etc.

The followers of gemmotherapy speak of the “wholeness” of the bud. Embryonic tissue would not only offer a higher content of active compounds, but a much wider spectrum of action than each of the parts of the plant taken in isolation.

For BIOGEMM Laboratories , gemmotherapy is the most modern outcome and represents the best and ultimate concentrate of Phytotherapy and traditional Herbalism .

It is because we have selected our producer partners with the utmost rigor, that we are able to assure you of the purity, provenance and exceptional traceability of our products at the best dosages, all from Organic Farming.

Thus, we wish to help you Naturally and Durably to solve many health problems such as Breathing, Anti-aging, Joints, Skin, Slimming, Natural Defenses, Sleep, Vitality Tonus or even Circulation, Female well-being, Stress…, under form of gemmotherapy of Simple plants or Complexes of Plants.

Gemmotherapy is part of the herbal medicine family. It uses exclusively the fresh embryonic tissues of plants, trees and shrubs, namely: buds, young shoots and rootlets.

The bud contains powerful therapeutic virtues. It is the embryo of the plant which has in it all the potential for the development of the plant (roots, stems, leaves, flowers, fruits). It is extremely concentrated in active ingredients such as hormones, trace elements, vitamins, minerals ...

Did you know that the bud is the part of the plant that will never be affected by the disease? This leaves one to think about its powerful action.

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