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What are the virtues of birch sap?

Birch sap is an “elixir of life” that has been used as a natural remedy for millennia by Nordic peoples, known for their iron health and longevity.

Also nicknamed “ birch water ” because of its limpid and translucent color, this precious liquid is harvested by producers in the spring, between March 15 and April 15. It is during this period that the body gradually comes out of the winter season and needs to cleanse itself of all the accumulated toxins.

Birch sap circulates through the entire root system of the tree. It is only at the approach of spring that it begins its ascent in the trunk, gradually charging itself with energy. It is a real " organic energized water " full of active ingredients with powerful medicinal properties .

The birch sap cure is a gentle detoxification method that will not exhaust the body. Indeed, its richness in antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and trace elements provides the energy necessary for the body to effectively drain toxins. Note that the composition of birch sap varies depending on the geological nature of the subsoil.

Among its therapeutic virtues , birch sap is particularly recognized for its diuretic properties , used successfully in people suffering from water retention , obesity or cellulite .

Indeed, it is a powerful depurative allowing to evacuate the overloads of the organism and to improve skin disorders .

Sometimes birch sap is combined with bud extracts for better cleansing action, as well as for more therapeutic benefits.

Herbalgem laboratories offer several gemmotherapy complexes based on birch sap, such as:

  • DEPURASEVE which drains and regenerates the organism.
  • ARTISEVE which takes care of bones and joints.
  • CELLUSEVE which helps in weight loss.
  • VENASEVE which contributes to vascular health and relieves heavy legs.

What is the difference between birch juice and sap?

It is important not to confuse birch juice and sap. Indeed, even if their therapeutic virtues remain more or less similar, they are not obtained in the same way.

  • Birch sap is obtained directly from the trunk. It has a great wealth of vitamins and minerals , unlike birch juice, which is less rich. This explains their price difference. Also, birch sap has the properties of leaves, bark and buds . For better preservation, birch sap is often combined with a solvent.

  • Birch juice is the result of a decoction of dried birch leaves. It is stored in the form of a concentrate to be diluted in water. Usually, the juice is combined with lemon juice for better preservation.

How is birch sap harvested?

A quality harvest must imperatively be done in spring, before the first buds appear. Obviously, birch trees in the middle of the forest are to be preferred, in fact, they will provide a high quality sap, rich in minerals.

On the other hand, if at the time of harvest, the birch sap loses its transparency and turns white, this means that the sap is too advanced in the tree. Then, there is no point in consuming it because it will have lost a large part of its power of action.

The sap is collected by the producers using a pipe, directly within the birch trunk, which pierces a 3 cm hole, about one meter from the ground. They take cans perforated at the level of the stopper, insert a plastic tube into them, which they connect to the hole in the trunk, so that the sap can flow gradually. A sizeable birch tree can provide up to 5 liters of birch sap per day.

Finally, once the harvest in a tree is finished, the growers fill the trunk with a wooden caterpillar to help the trunk to heal.

How do I store my birch sap?

Once the birch sap bottle has been used, it is important to store it in the refrigerator and consume it within 3 to 4 weeks maximum.

However, it is interesting to note that the more birch sap ferments, the more its active ingredients are multiplied. It is possible that the taste is not always pleasant, but its effectiveness of action is at its maximum.

For purists, Santarome laboratories have implemented a unique manufacturing method called "from the tree to the bottle". In this way, Santarome birch sap is guaranteed 100% pure and fresh because it does not undergo any oxidation, no pasteurization and is free of preservatives. The active ingredients do not degrade, which allows this birch sap to retain all of its therapeutic properties.

How much birch sap to take per day?


To carry out a birch sap detox cure, it is advisable to take 150 to 250 ml of birch sap for a minimum of 3 weeks. You can consume it pure or diluted in water, preferably on an empty stomach. It is possible to renew the treatment for 3 additional weeks.

What are the contraindications for birch sap?


The consumption of birch sap is contraindicated in people allergic to salicylates. Indeed, it is an allergenic tree that can cause respiratory and skin allergies .

Due to its powerful diuretic action, birch sap is also contraindicated in people with kidney disease.

Finally, birch sap should not be taken in pregnant and lactating women as well as in children .

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