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Desmodium in Pharmacy

Desmodium, the detox of your liver

The desmodium plant widespread in Africa has unrivaled properties to protect and stimulate the drainage of your liver.
The liver assures a colossal work of detoxifying your body and participates with the kidney to eliminate waste from your metabolism. Tobacco, alcohol waste, industrial foods, medications, the liver is constantly attacked. If its action is not sustained and strengthened, it is exhausted.
A plant is queen in this field: the Desmodium (Desmodium adscendens)

Desmodium is not registered in the French Pharmacopoeia, and ANSES (National Agency for Food Safety) has published a notice of pharmacovigilance despite its hepatoprotective and immunostimulatory properties.

Desmodium protects the liver, especially if you suffer from viral hepatitis or dysfunction related to the side effects of chemotherapy for example. It is also frequently used for a "detox" cure after abuse of alcohol and food.

In Africa, it has also been used for a very long time as a symptomatic treatment for asthma. By acting on the contraction of the respiratory muscles, it also has anti-allergic effects since allergens can be at the origin of these respiratory tract genes.

It is also used against stomach pain, constipation and gynecological problems (leucorrhea, gonorrhea ...).

You will buy the desmodium in pharmacy. Desmodium stems and leaves are used in different ways:

  • Infusion or decoction: about 10 g of desmodium / 1 liter for 15 minutes (maximum 3 cups / day)
  • In capsules, fluid extracts, according to the indications of the pharmacist, but often in cure of several weeks.

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