Biogemm Hawthorn Bud Organic Macerate 30ml

Biogemm Hawthorn Bud Organic Macerate 30ml

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Hawthorn, a plant with cardio-regulating and relaxing properties, is a precious ally for your heart and your well-being. Try our Organic Hawthorn bud macerate! Order your bud extract in our online Bio pharmacy. Then, give your opinion on the dosage via our partner Avis Vérifiés.


What is the organic hawthorn bud used for?

Hawthorn (Crataegus oxyacanta) is a precious plant for your heart . Thanks to its cardio-regulatory properties, it acts on the high heart rate, especially in times of stress and anxiety . This medicinal plant, used for centuries, has been the subject of numerous scientific studies which have made it possible to highlight its many virtues.

Hawthorn bud macerate improves blood circulation and blood pressure regulation . It also helps dilate blood vessels and prevent heart disorders, such as palpitations, arrhythmias, and heart failure. In short, Hawthorn is an essential ally for taking care of your heart and your cardiovascular system.

Reduce stress and promote sleep

Hawthorn bud macerate helps reduce stress peaks and promote restful sleep. By taking care of your heart, you also improve your daily quality of life, feeling more relaxed and sleeping better. Hawthorn is known for its calming and relaxing properties, which helps reduce nervous tension and restlessness.

Regular cures of hawthorn bud macerate can help fight sleep disorders , such as insomnia, nocturnal awakenings and difficulty falling asleep. It also contributes to regulate sleep by acting on the central nervous system, which makes it possible to find a balance between the phases of deep sleep and paradoxical sleep. So you wake up rested and ready to face a new day.

Active ingredient and composition of the product

The 30 ml bottle is composed of Organic Concentrated Bud Macerates . The part of the plant used is the bud, and the product comes from fresh maceration. Hawthorn bud macerate is rich in active ingredients beneficial to health, such as flavonoids, triterpenes, acid-phenols and proanthocyanidins.

These active compounds work synergistically to provide a wide range of benefits for your cardiovascular health and general well-being. Indeed, they improve blood circulation, regulate blood pressure, reduce heart rhythm disorders and protect heart cells against oxidative damage. In addition, the active principles of Hawthorn help soothe the nervous system and reduce symptoms related to stress and anxiety. They also promote relaxation and improve the quality of sleep, in particular by acting on the release of certain neurotransmitters such as serotonin and melatonin.

Hawthorn bud macerate is a natural product and safe for health when used according to dosage recommendations. However, certain precautions should be taken and a health professional should be consulted in case of doubt or when taking medications, especially in the case of treatment for heart problems.

The benefits of hawthorn bud macerate

In addition to the benefits for cardiovascular health, hawthorn bud macerate has other advantages:

  • It is 100% natural and comes from organic farming, thus guaranteeing a quality product, without pesticides or chemical residues.
  • It is easy to use, thanks to its dropper bottle, which allows you to precisely dose the amount of macerate to take.
  • It is also suitable for animals, following the instructions for use specific to their weight and state of health.

In summary, Hawthorn bud macerate is a natural and effective food supplement to take care of your cardiovascular health, reduce stress and promote quality sleep. Thanks to its active ingredients and its 100% organic composition, it offers you valuable support to improve your quality of life and prevent heart problems.

How to use hawthorn bud organic macerate?

Dosage for human health

To take full advantage of the benefits of hawthorn bud macerate, take 15 drops in the morning upon waking. A cure of 2 months is recommended, with a break of one week every 3 weeks.

Dosage for animal health

For animals, administer 1 drop up to 5 kilos of weight and 1 drop every 10 kilos beyond. Add the drops to the drink container 15 minutes before a meal for 21 days.

Precaution for use with organic hawthorn bud macerate

  • Keep out of reach of children
  • Do not exceed the recommended daily dose
  • Does not replace a varied diet and a healthy lifestyle

Composition of this gemmotherapy extract?

– Water: 33.3%
– Alcohol*: 33.3%
– Vegetable glycerin*: 33.3%
– ORGANIC* Hawthorn (in order to extract 100% of the active ingredients from the Hawthorn bud)
*Ingredients from certified organic farming 


Biogemm Hawthorn Bud Organic Macerate 30ml comes in the form of a 30ml bottle.

Our opinion of pharmacy experts on gemmotherapy

The Biogemm gemmotherapy laboratory offers a wide range of natural and effective herbal products designed to ensure the well-being of all ages.
The range of the French laboratory of concentrated gemmotherapy Biogemm presents more than 60 extracts of natural buds including:

• Biogemm unitary concentrated glycerinated macerates (or mother macerates) which contain all the properties of a single bud;
Biogemm complexes, harmonious combinations of different mother macerates, which respond to a targeted health problem.

Hawthorn bud macerat bio gemmotherapy products are prepared EXCLUSIVELY with fresh buds, from organic farming, stabilized directly on the harvest site. They are concentrated (undiluted unlike gemmotherapy products from the Boiron laboratory) in order to preserve all the properties of the organic bud.

Learn more about psychophysiological insomnia

This type of sleep disorder represents 15 to 20% of insomnia. It is an insomnia that appears without obvious cause. It generally follows insomnia, the cause of which can be identified: after surgery, the birth of a child, significant psychological stress, working shifts, etc.
There is a negative conditioning to insomnia which results in a paradoxical activation of the wakefulness systems as soon as the person goes to bed. It results in the fear of not sleeping, tension or anxiety at bedtime, spontaneous falling asleep when sleep is not sought (in front of the TV...), the impossibility of taking a nap to recover .

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