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Nasal spray pharmacy: Find the best nasal hygiene products sold in your bio pharmacy online

Physiological serum or sea water , with or without essential oils, enriched or not in trace elements ... Many products promise to unclog the nose in the event of a cold , sinusitis or otitis . The most consensual is the sprayer which is optimized for daily and rapid use .

Why use a nasal spray?

Nasal hygiene involves washing the nasal passages and sinuses to avoid a stuffy nose . Cleaning the nose with a nasal spray has multiple benefits. This helps prevent winter infections such as colds or sinusitis. The use of a cleansing product for the nose facilitates the elimination of mucus and thus facilitates blowing the nose.

Using a nasal spray in case of seasonal allergy helps reduce the allergic reaction. The spray helps evacuate the allergens responsible for sneezing and nasal congestion .
Washing the nose also helps support respiratory comfort . Faced with pollution, nasal sprays make it possible to fight against a dry nose .

What are the different types of nasal sprays?

Many solutions exist and are marketed in our online pharmacy.

Physiological serum is essential for toiletries. In the form of a spray, it is economical and allows many uses. Its composition is ideal for infants, adults and the elderly. This saline solution is an ally for the treatment of ENT diseases . This physiological water is called isotonic, its composition is in perfect balance with the fluids of the human body.

There are also hypertonic seawater sprays . Hypertonic seawater is purified, undiluted seawater extracted under special conditions from the depths of the ocean. They are reserved for occasional use, to relieve a blocked nose or in cases of acute sinusitis for example.

You will find in your online pharmacy different solutions for washing the nose. Sprays contributing to cleaning and allowing to moisten the nasal walls to loosen impurities thanks to assets such as propolis or plant extracts with antibacterial and softening properties.

How to use a nasal spray?

Before using a nasal spray, care should be taken to blow your nose carefully. Tilt your head to the side and gently insert the tip at the level of the upper nostril. Then spray for 2 to 3 seconds. Stopper the nostril and lift your head so that the liquid escapes through the other nostril. Repeat the operation in the other nostril. Clean the mouthpiece with warm water and soap after use.

The use of the nasal spray is a daily gesture to free the respiratory tract. It makes it possible to avoid many infections. Your online pharmacy offers a selection of sprays for nasal hygiene to cleanse, moisturize, soothe and decongest the nose.

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