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Hearing protection in Pharmacy: Find the best of the ear hygiene products sold in your bio pharmacy online

Our hearing system is used every day, which is why it is essential to preserve it. Indeed, participating in a concert, working on a site or even having fun at the pool, can be part of the activities at risk for our hearing.
To prevent possible hearing problems , it is advisable to wear hearing protection.
Have your ears been ringing for a few days? Have you been a victim of tinnitus ? Or have you just decided to take care of your eardrums ? That's good, we have selected a series of earplugs to allow you to limit the damage in risky situations. There are different types of earplugs ranging from foam to wax to custom molded earplugs.

Earplugs in Pharmacy

Born in 1918 from the genius of a Parisian pharmacist, the mute becomes, in 1921, the Quies ball: a name which means "calm", "quietude" in Latin.

Quies is also the name of the creative company, specializing in hearing protection. The Quies ball is an ear plug which has the following roles:

  • improve a person's comfort by reducing the perception of ambient noise;
  • protect an individual from the risk of deafness when exposed to repetitive medium intensity sounds in a professional or personal setting;
  • limit the risk of water entering the ear canal;
  • to limit the pressure between the external environment and the inner ear particularly felt by people who take the plane.

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