Paliure FRUIT IPHYM Herbalism Paliurus aculeatus

Paliure - Fruit Pack 250 g View larger

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Paliure - Fruit Pack 250 g

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Used for : cures of diuresis

contains: paliure, paliure

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    Paliure - Fruit Pack 250 g

    Paliure FRUIT IPHYM Herbalism Paliurus aculeatus

    Latin name: Paliurus aculeatus

    Family: Acesineae

    Common names: Thorn of Christ Argaluo, Bishop Hat, hat rack

    Parts used: Fruit

    Origin: Europe, Asia

    Properties paliure FRUIT

    The fruit of paliure azoturic has diuretic properties.

    Indications and uses paliure FRUIT

    paliure the fruit is used in the following therapeutic indications:

    - Cures diuresis

    - Urinary lithiasis

    Dosage paliure FRUIT

    Infusion or decoction in folk medicine in urinary disorders.

    Decoction 5 g of fruit in a liter of water for 20 minutes.
    Drink in the day.

    Botanical description paliure FRUIT

    - Shrub 2-3 flexuous branches zigzag
    - Oval Leaf, alternate, deciduous
    - Yellow flowers grouped in clusters
    - Fruits red brown, very characteristic Sec: indehiscent, hemispheric, surrounded by a membranous wing with radiating wavy creases on the edges

    Pharmacology paliure FRUIT

    Active ingredients: Flavonoldes

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