Puressentiel Eucalyptus Radié Essential Oil

Puressentiel Eucalyptus Radié Essential Oil

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Puressentiel Eucalyptus Radié Essential Oil soothes the respiratory tract and calms throat irritations.

What is Puressentiel Eucalyptus Radié Essential Oil used for?

When can you use Eucalyptus Radié essential oil?

  • Respiratory infections: rhinopharyngitis, rhinitis, sinusitis...
  • Colds
  • Otitis
  • Viral illnesses and flu
  • Fatty" coughs
  • Gynecological infections: cystitis, vaginitis, leukorrhea
  • Asthenia, immune deficiencies
  • Keep insects away

Puressentiel Eucalyptus Radié Essential Oil 10 ml soothes the respiratory tract and calms throat irritations . It soothes the throat and calms coughs and runny noses.

Organically grown.

Packaging: glass dropper bottle.

Puressentiel Organic Eucalyptus radiata essential oil is an expectorant and liver tonic, used for bronchitis, coughs, sinusitis and liver failure. Eucalyptus radiata essential oil is obtained by steam distillation of fresh leaves. Eucalyptus radiata essential oil has a wide range of pharmacological properties beneficial to health:

Eucalyptus Radié essential oil is distinguished by its high concentration of cineole, an organic compound that gives it exceptional expectorant properties. This characteristic facilitates the expulsion of bronchial secretions, making breathing easier for individuals suffering from respiratory disorders such as colds, bronchitis or sinusitis. In addition, Eucalyptus Radié acts as a powerful decongestant, helping to clear blocked airways and reduce nasal congestion. This dual expectorant and decongestant action makes Eucalyptus Radié essential oil an effective natural remedy for improving respiratory comfort and relieving symptoms associated with upper respiratory tract infections.

Eucalyptus Radié essential oil also possesses important antimicrobial properties, enabling it to effectively combat a wide range of pathogens, including bacteria, viruses and fungi. This ability to neutralize various micro-organisms makes it an invaluable tool in the treatment of respiratory, skin and urinary tract infections. By strengthening the immune system, Eucalyptus Radié helps the body defend itself against infections, contributing to better overall health and a reduced risk of ailments caused by harmful micro-organisms.

One of the significant benefits ofEucalyptus Radié essential oil is its immunostimulant effect. By activating and strengthening the immune system, it prepares the body to fight infection and disease more effectively. This property is particularly beneficial during cold and flu season, as well as for preventing seasonal infections. Regular use of Radiant Eucalyptus can increase the body's resilience in the face of external aggression, promoting better protection against various pathologies.

In addition to its beneficial effects on the respiratory and immune systems,Eucalyptus Radié essential oil also offers notable anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties. These characteristics make it an effective remedy for relieving joint and muscle pain. Applied by massage, it can significantly reduce the inflammation and discomfort associated with various inflammatory conditions. Whether it's to soothe muscle tension after strenuous physical activity or to alleviate joint pain, Eucalyptus Radié proves to be an ally of choice, offering natural relief and a feeling of general well-being.

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How to use this essential oil

Take a maximum of 2 drops 3 times a day on a Puressentiel neutral tablet (or 1 teaspoon of honey, olive oil or 1/4 sugar).

Precautions for use

Use only on the advice of your pharmacist: in children under 7 years of age, in case of asthma, in case of epilepsy, in case of ongoing medication. Not to be used: by pregnant or breast-feeding women, in case of allergy to one of the components of the essential oil.

Do not use pure, without carrier, or mixed with water.

Keep out of reach of children. Do not use on children under 7, pregnant or breast-feeding women.

Keep away from light, air and heat.

What does it contain?

Eucalyptus radiata essential oil. leaves

Available at

10ml or 30ml bottle.

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