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Taking care of your skin is a hygienic measure that has a role in your health, our beauty and our comfort.

Cleaning yourself every day is an essential hygiene ritual for health and well-being. Washing every day allows you to:

  • Get rid of dust, which if it accumulates can cause skin problems;
  • Avoid unpleasant body odors;
  • Limit the risk of disease transmission. Hands need to be washed more regularly because they are more exposed and spread more germs.

Beyond the toilet, other care can be done to the skin, to allow it to remain healthy and to contribute to our physical and moral well-being. To maintain good, healthy, supple and soft hygiene, the skin requires daily care and a healthy lifestyle. It also provides a feeling of well-being: it refreshes, invigorates, relaxes.

Water is not enough: dirt must be dissolved using a cleaner containing surfactant compounds, and then removed during rinsing. Using a deodorant immediately after washing will help prevent body odor from forming.

- Use a suitable “soap” when bathing or showering.

Prefer a “soap-free” solution (the soap dries the skin): shower gel , soap or super-rich cleanser , dermatological bar, washing oil .

- Prefer showers to baths

Frequent hot baths promote dry skin. They are also not recommended in case of circulation disorders .

- Use lukewarm water rather than hot water , which deteriorates the hydrolipidic film

Dry your body by dabbing the skin with a clean towel, without rubbing, so as not to attack the epidermis.

- Moisturize your skin after washing

Moisturizing the skin using a suitable cream helps to restore and maintain the hydrolipidic film of the epidermis.

- Limit exposure to the sun and do not expose yourself without protection : ultraviolet rays promote dryness of the skin and accelerate its aging .

Do not hesitate to apply sunscreen daily to your skin if you have to spend time outdoors and therefore be exposed to the sun.

Being beautiful and in good shape involves indulging in beauty rituals. Thanks to the various body treatments , the skin is clean, soft and well hydrated. Nourishing creams applied daily, regular exfoliation and hair removal, coupled with physical exercise and a healthy diet help to maintain its beauty throughout the year.

What daily body care?

After an energizing shower with tonic or relaxing oil with a suitable shower gel, the hydration of the body maintains the suppleness of the skin. Applying it with a light massage helps to prevent the installation of dimpling. Firming creams and milks preserve the curve of the bust and the firmness of the stomach and legs. These body treatments are particularly recommended after a diet, a pregnancy and when we get older.

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