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Moisturizing involves several steps, all of these actions aim to ensure that water is present in our skin.
Well hydrated skin, pretty skin, skin that is full of light is well nourished skin, so it is healthy skin. The role of the moisturizer is to provide a good level of hydration to our skin throughout the day.

A moisturizer is a skincare product that comes in the form of a cream , gel or essence .
a moisturizing cosmetic contains ingredients such as:

Water is obviously the essential ingredient, which will be absorbed by the skin but which may evaporate before reaching our cells.
Agents that remain on the surface: they are the ones that form a film that prevents the water from evaporating (vegetable oil, mineral oil, beeswaxes, vegetable waxes)
Emollients and water sensors: they hydrate, soften and lubricate the skin, they bring suppleness to the skin tissues + these moisturizers attract water and form reservoirs (glycerin, hyaluronic acid )
There are of course other components depending on the target of your treatment:

Soothing agents: they prevent irritation and moisturize,
Anti wrinkle or antioxidant agents
Silicones to temporarily fill in the defects.

3 actions are essential to hydrate the skin:

  • bring assimilable water
  • bring "sensors" that hold and attract water
  • provide a protective surface film so that water remains in the skin

All skin types need moisturizer: oily skin, irritated skin, dry skin, normal skin, men, adolescents, women, the elderly.

Nourishing Moisturizer : All skin types need water on a daily basis. This water is provided by drinks, fruits, vegetables and moisturizers that we apply every day to protect the epidermis from drying out. A skin which depletes its water resources is dehydrated: it feels tight and becomes uncomfortable at times (after the shower with the aggression of water and lime, in case of cold, wind, pollution). It is essential to moisturize your skin every day with a good moisturizer. An organic moisturizer is composed of natural ingredients of excellent quality which will provide the skin with the elements it needs to be comfortable all day long.

Choose your moisturizer for the body

As for the face, the choice of treatment must depend on the type of skin. If your skin is normal (no feeling of tightness, even when you get out of the shower), opt for a milk . Its fluid texture penetrates quickly. Ideal for those who are in a hurry in the morning, and need to get dressed quickly after the shower! For drier skin, a creamy texture is recommended. Prefer oily- based emulsions or creams containing film-forming agents (collagen, glycerin, elastin ...), which protect sensitive skin . Finally, if you have very dry or atopy-prone skin, consider vegetable oils and butters, which have a strong moisturizing power.

Once your body milk has been carefully chosen ... how to best apply it in the morning and / or evening?

The application of body milk :

  • Place a generous amount of cream in the palm of your hands then gently massage your entire body until the cream penetrates. This massage will not only allow your skin to absorb the product but also to circulate your blood.
  • Insist on areas of the body that tend to be drier: the legs, due to waxing or razor, but also the elbows. Also insist on your neckline to maintain it.
  • The hydration of your skin after each shower will give you a real feeling of comfort, to find softness and suppleness.
  • Nourishing your skin all year round is essential. In winter, hydration thanks to body milk, will protect it from external factors that dry out and weaken such as cold and pollution. In summer, nourishing your skin will make it easier to tan and prolong your tan.

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