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Wounds, burns, erythema, wounds related to surgical acts. It is not always easy to adopt the right gestures when a problem appears on our skin. To avoid scars that leave unsightly marks at all costs, discover our selection of healing creams to improve the repair of your small and large wounds.

One thing is certain, each lesion does not heal in the same way and does not require the same care. To avoid permanent marks as a souvenir, find The ideal healing cream to gently repair your skin and provide it with the nutrients it needs.

When the skin is damaged by an injury, surgery or even a burn, it protects itself from external aggressions by initiating a natural repair process: scarring . This allows the skin to protect itself by regenerating itself , over a more or less long period, depending on its size and depth.

This process is broken down into 3 phases:

  • The first phase is that of defense (it lasts between 2 and 4 days): this step is the body's fight against infections. It is during this phase that certain immune cells, including antibodies, will absorb and destroy the tissues attacked by the lesion.
  • The second stage is the repair (it lasts between 10 and 15 days): the tissues and vessels attacked by a skin shock will be gradually replaced by new tissues. How? 'Or' What ? By developing collagen fibers. It is important to use a soothing treatment for the skin.
  • The third stage is that of cellular repair of the wound: this phase is the longest because it can last between 2 months and 2 years. This is when the collagen and elastin fibers strengthen to restore structure to the epidermis. Result: it regains its firmness and elasticity. Be careful, the area weakened by the skin trauma remains sensitive for a long time until the skin reaches its full recovery.

Beware of received ideas, scabs are not the sign of good healing. They appear during the regeneration of the epidermis and is often the cause of the formation of scars and marks. They not only scratch, but cover the wound, which no longer breathes and remains moist and therefore heals poorly. If they are torn off, they then form a second wound that delays healing and inevitably leaves a mark on the skin.

To prevent scabs from forming, nothing better than applying a healing cream to help regenerate the epidermis.

What is a healing cream for?

The healing cream plays an essential role: it allows to accelerate the time of reconstitution of the tissues of the damaged skin and to avoid the formation of scabs. The faster the lesion is treated with a suitable healing cream, the faster it will be absorbed and the skin will regain its initial appearance.

Soothing care : Soothing and healing care to fight against itching of the skin and repair injured, damaged skin. Soothing treatments are intended for intolerant skin. This type of skin overreacts to factors that are usually well tolerated (UV, temperature variations, emotions, hormonal changes, etc.) and experiences daily discomfort (tingling, tightness, heat, itching).

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