BIO vegetable oil Nigella (black cumin) PRANAROM

Pranarom Pranarom

Vegetable oil Nigella BIO PRANAROM

Available in bottles of 50 ml and 1 Litre

Helps strengthen the natural defenses of the body. Promotes digestion. Source of essential fatty acids.

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Used for : acné, psoriasis, anti-âge, Zona, eczéma, allergie saisonnière

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Vegetable oil Nigella BIO PRANAROM

Helps strengthen the natural defenses of the body. Promotes digestion. Source of essential fatty acids.

Composition of vegetable oil Nigella BIO PRANAROM

100% vegetable oil: BIO Nigella Nigella sativa

Other names: Black Cumin, Nigella, Kalinji, Nielle, poivrette, al-sânoudj Algeria, habat al-Baraka (blessed seed) in Egypt, al-kamoun in Libya, al-qahta Yemen, al-shounîz Iran.

BIO means: Ingredients from Organic Farming (control Certisys-BE-BIO-01).

Use of vegetable oil Nigella BIO advice PRANAROM

Oral use: 10 g (1 tablespoon) per day.

Cosmetic use: Suitable for dry, irritated or chapped. Is used in cases of hair loss (friction).

Precautions with vegetable oil Nigella BIO PRANAROM

- Do not exceed the recommended dose

- Keep out of reach of young children

- Do not replace a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle

- Keep away from sources of heat and light

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