Thermacare multizone heating Patch Box of 3

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Thermacare multizone heating Patch Box of 3   bio sale in our pharmacy: The self-heating patch ThermaCare multizone offers an effective and targeted relief of muscle and joint pain associated with muscle tension

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    Thermacare multizone heating Patch Box of 3

    The self-heating patch ThermaCare multizone provides effective and targeted relief of muscle and joint pain associated with muscle tension, aches or osteoarthritis. It is suitable for occasional or chronic type of pain.

    Description Thermacare multizone heating Patch Box of 3

    The patch multizone Thermacare is designed for use on different body parts.

    Thermacare also exists in specific formats Back, Knee and Neck.

    The patch ThermaCare is a single use, it contains no active drug.
    Once applied to the skin, the patch diffuses a steady heat for 8 hours for relief of elongue durée.Vos muscles relax deeply, you are relieved joint pain.
    Heated products may cause burns. This risk increases with age.

    Box 3 mutizone patches.

    The main types of muscle pain

    Muscle pain is found in many cases cramps, aches, sprains, contractures, muscle tears, lumbago, torticollis.
    A cramp is a severe muscle pain, unexpected and temporary.

    Cramp causes lameness: the muscle or muscle group in question can no longer operate normally and play its role.
    Aches are common after a major and unusual effort. Aches appear within 2 days of effort.
    These muscle pain are not serious and will heal on their own in a week maximum: treat aches is relatively easy.

    Sprains are sudden elongation of the muscle that cause significant pain and instantaneous. They can appear in case of violent effort afterwards or cold. The pain is localized hot but can become diffused thereafter, the pain being imperceptible at rest. To heal a strained, rest is essential: time is variable depending on the importance of stretching.

    Contractures can cause a tear when, despite the pain, the muscle continues its effort. To treat contracture, stopping and laying up are in order.

    Heating Thermacare Patch User Council multizone Box 3

    Place the patch ThermaCare Multizone directly on the skin with the cells in contact with the painful area
    The patch can be worn 8 hours per day for 7 consecutive days.
    Apply compresses at the first signs of discomfort which will prevent the pain from interfering with your life.
    To benefit from the therapeutic heat, follow these steps:
    1. Open the bag by tearing, only at the time of use. The patch may take 30 minutes to reach its therapeutic temperature.
    2. Place the patch (dark side to the skin) on the body part to relieve lower back, hip, thigh, back, etc .. or sore spot.
    3. If you have 55 or more years, the patch is applied over clothing rather than directly on the skin.
    4. Press firmly.

    For maximum efficiency, it is advisable to wear for 8 hours straight.

    Heating Thermacare Patch composition multizone Box 3

    Patch disposable, odorless

    Heating Thermacare Patch Introducing multizone Box 3

    Box 3 Thermacare patches

    How to manage joint pain (and those of osteoarthritis)?

    EULAR recommendations *
    1. hydiéno-dietary rules: weight loss, exercise
    2. General management: use of analgesic, anti-arthritic slow-acting, and anti-inflammatory
    3. Local ownership: joint injections (cortisone, hyaluronic acid)
    4. Surgical Management
    * European League Against Rheumatism

    What advice micronutrition and herbal medicine for joint pain?

    1 / Support for pain and inflammation daily

    Stage 1: functional gene, morning stiffness, pain unlocking, blocking
    Cartimotil Fort PILEJE the dosage of one capsule a day for 3 months
    Food complementa combination of 3 excerpts: turmeric extract, boswellia and Laver
    Stage 2: permanent pain, chronic, disabling
    Fort Cartimotil the dosage of one capsule a day for 3 months and 4 capsules per day during inflammatory processes

    + Application CARTIMOSIL Gel on healthy skin, one to several times a day and massage with light circular movements. Massage Gel combines plant extracts and essential oils to target articular

    2 / Treatment of protective cartilage background

    Arthrobiane at a dose of 4 tablets per day for 3 months, renewable

    Food complementa combination of drugs for osteoarthritis of slow action: glucosamine and chondroitin + Galangal

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