MENYANTHE CLOVER LEAF WATER CUT IPHYM Herbalism Menyanthes trifoliata L.

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MENYANTHE SHEET CUT 100G IPHYM Herbalism Menyanthes trifoliata L.

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Used for : retensioning water

contains: menyanthe

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    MENYANTHE SHEET CUT IPHYM Herbalism Menyanthes trifoliata L.

    Latin name: Menyanthes trifoliata L.

    Family: Menyanthaceae

    Common names: Ményanthe, clover marshes, water clover

    Parts used: Leaf

    Origin: Europe, Asia, North America


    The menyanthe sheet has cholagogue and laxative properties. It is a bitter tonic and an appetizer. This plant is also antipyretic and immunomodulating polysaccharides and by a high content of selenium. It is also anti-inflammatory.

    Indications and uses MENYANTHE SHEET CUT

    menyanthe the sheet is used in the following cases:

    - Anorexia (stimulates the appetite and gastric secretions, resulting in weight gain)

    - Rheumatism, arthritis, water retention

    - Fever

    Cons-indications with MENYANTHE SHEET CUT

    - May cause vomiting at high doses


    Family medicine, an infusion is prepared with 15-30 grams of leaves per liter of water it is necessary to drink 2-3 cups a day. powder (2-3 g) or the dye may also be used (10 to 50 units drug alcohol units) in doses of 2-3 teaspoonfuls per dose, or the medical wine (30 g of drug per liter macerate for a week) which we drink 1 glass per day.

    Botanical description MENYANTHE SHEET CUT

    It is a perennial herbaceous plant of wetlands and shallow water. She lives below 1800 meters, and is common throughout Europe, Asia and North America. Its leaves are alternate (which differentiate the Gentianaceae), trifoliate (3 entire leaflets), and emerged with a long petiole expanded sheath at the base.
    It is a perennial stoloniferous white flowers with 5 petals in star, its dorsal side is pink and white inside lined with long white hair. Its anthers purplish red.

    Pharmacology MENYANTHE SHEET CUT

    Active ingredients: phenol acids, flavonoids, coumarins, polysaccharides, iridoids, rutin, alkaloid, glucoside fébrifuge

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