Visiodoron Malva Weleda is a medical device indicated for dry eye due to environmental factors such as air conditioning, wind, cold, pollution or pollen.

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Used for : eyestrain, watering, burning sensation, ocular discomfort, eye irritation, irritations

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    Visiodoron malva Weleda is composed of hyaluronic acid (0.15%), extract of purple flowers (0.50%), citrate buffer, sodium chloride, water for injections.


    Eye drops in single-dose container 0.4 ml.

    Therapeutic indications of the eye drops visiodoron malva Weleda

    Ophthalmic solution for dry, irritated eyes
    The eye drops Weleda visiodoron malva allows humidify, soothe and raffraîchir eyes in times of drought or irritation. Made with natural hyaluronic acid and mallow flower extract, this solution hydrates and calms you.  

    Dosage and administration of eye drops visiodoron malva Weleda

    Turn the tip of the single dose to open it, without pulling. Apply one or two drops of Weleda Visiodoron Malva in the eye by tilting the head back.

    Pharmacodynamic properties of the eye drops visiodoron malva Weleda

    Pharmacotherapeutic group: Homeopathic medicine.

    The indication for this drug based on traditional homeopathic use of its components.



    homeopathy medicine advice

    How to take my homeopathic medicine?

    Homeopathy is a concept, created in 1796 by Samuel Hahnemann, leading to the manufacture and use of various highly diluted products to treat diseases. This doctrine was based on the concept of "similar remedies": a substance that causes a symptom can be used to treat the same symptom of the disease. A second central principle is the "law of infinitesimals", which involves a process of serial dilution and "shaking" supposed to increase the power of the product.

    Different homeopathic remedies : You will find the remedies in the form of powder (packets, tablets, tablets), in the form of liquid, in the form of granules. There are also incorporations of homeopathic products into suppositories or injectable liquid preparations. It is the granule form that is most widespread. These are granules of sugar or lactose that are soaked with the chosen dilution of the drug. The active ingredient is deposited on the surface and it is for this reason that there is interest in not touching the granules with his fingers. It is for the same reason that one always gives two granules so that, even if one touches them a little by chance, there is at least the value of one absorbed. Since in principle the quantity does not count (in children, it is therefore interesting to give 3 or 4 grains). Solutions can also be prepared by melting homeopathic granules in water, or by pouring drops of a solution. Ointments or liniments are available for external use in which homeopathic remedies are incorporated

    How to take your homeopathic treatment: Melt granules or globules under the tongue, away from food or drink for optimal absorption. Avoid taking your homeopathic treatment along with mint, coffee or chamomile, which reduces assimilation. Homeopathy and aromatherapy will not be taken simultaneously, the effect of homeopathy would be canceled. Observe an interval of two hours between taking both treatments. The granules or globules marketed by the Boiron laboratory are manufactured with sucrose and lactose. Taking twenty granules (or a dose of globules) brings one gram of sugar, one fifth of a piece of sugar.

    Tips for using the homeopathic remedy : The frequency of the remedy is a function of the intensity of the disorder and the moment one is, compared to the beginning of the disorders. In case of chronic disorders, the remedies are repeated at the frequency of 1 or 2 times a day. Times indicated: morning and evening, before meals. The important thing is that taking a remedy is far from any dietary absorption of at least 10 minutes for low dilutions, 1 hour for medium, 2 hours for high. Yet we see the remedies act, taken during even meals, and even in coffee. The higher the dilution, the more it must be spaced; in chronic cases: 7 days, 10 days, 12 days, 15 days. If one forgets to take the remedy, postpone taking it to the day one realizes the forgetfulness, but stagger the taking of the next high dilution (unless the date of action in the month is specific, which exists only for certain remedies). In acute cases, the frequency (the quantity does not play) must be greater, taking remedies can be done every 2 hours, hourly, every 1/2 hour or even more, depending on the intensity of presented disorders. As soon as there is improvement, it is necessary to know how to space the taking of the remedies.

    Our online pharmacy BIO offers homeopathic medicines not subject to medical prescription, but which require the control of a pharmacist.

    For more information, do not hesitate to ask your pharmacist or your doctor.

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