Therapearl Warm Cold Eye Mask
Therapearl Warm Cold Eye Mask
Therapearl Warm Cold Eye Mask Therapearl Warm Cold Eye Mask

Therapearl Warm Cold Eye Mask

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Therapearl's thermal eye mask quickly relieves dry eyes and various headaches.

Why use the Thermapearl thermal eye mask?

Even after a restful night, you may wake up with red, puffy eyes that make you look and feel tired - especially during allergy season. If decongestant treatments leave you feeling foggy, try THERA°PEARL's Eye Mask, the natural way to look and feel radiant every day.

The mask can be used hot or cold. Cold relieves dry, puffy eyes and those pernicious sinus headaches. It relieves the pain of eyebrow waxing and reduces swelling after cosmetic procedures. The warmth helps reduce nasal congestion and relieves pain once the swelling has gone.

This compress can be used for :

  • Hot: Meibornian dysfunctions involved in: Blepharitis, Occular dryness, Occular rosacea, Chalazion.
  • Cold: Contact eczema, Atopic dermatitis, Palpebral edema (puffy eyes), Post-palpebral surgery, Headache, Sinusitis.

Soothing relief for tired, stressed eyes

Warm comfort for tired eyes

Immerse yourself in an ocean of relief with TheraPearl Warm Cold Eye Mask. Designed to offer supreme relaxation, this revolutionary mask combines the benefits of heat and cold to provide instant relief for tired, stressed eyes. When you feel eyestrain creeping up on you after a long day of work or study, this versatile mask is your ticket to instant soothing.

The secret lies in the TheraPearl beads, which are designed to retain heat or cold for an extended period. When you need to relieve tired eyes, simply place the mask in the fridge for a few hours, then gently apply to your eyelids. The soothing freshness will envelop you, instantly reducing unsightly puffiness and bags. You'll feel like you're at the spa, as the mask does its job to revive your eyes' vitality.

But this mask doesn't stop there. If you prefer warm relief, you can also heat the pearls in hot water or in the microwave, as you prefer. The gentle heat gently penetrates eye tissue, improving circulation and soothing accumulated tension. It's a real treat for tired, stressed eyes.

A versatile companion for your ocular well-being

A mask for every occasion

TheraPearl Warm Cold Eye Mask is a truly versatile companion for your ocular well-being. Whether you're struggling with headaches, seasonal allergies or simply need to relax, this mask is your all-in-one solution. Thanks to its intelligent design, it contours perfectly to your face, offering a comfortable, secure fit. So you can enjoy its benefits while you go about your daily activities.

When you're preparing for a meditation or relaxation session, this mask becomes your indispensable ally. By wearing it for a few minutes, you create a cocoon of serenity that allows you to immerse yourself more deeply in your practice. The TheraPearl pearls, with their soothing feel and delicate weight, help you to relax completely, promoting a state of inner calm.

What's more, this mask is also an invaluable tool for frequent travellers. Whether you take the plane, train or any other means of transport, the often dry and tiring atmosphere can put a strain on your eyes. With TheraPearl Warm Cold Eye Mask, you can prevent dry, irritated eyes, and arrive at your destination looking fresh and radiant.

Superior quality for exceptional results

An innovation designed to last

When you choose TheraPearl Chaud Froid Eye Mask, you're opting for superior quality and innovation. TheraPearl pearls are carefully crafted from durable, non-toxic materials, guaranteeing safe use. What's more, they're designed to withstand repeated use, giving you long-lasting relief whenever you need it.

The mask's intelligent design also ensures even distribution of heat or cold, guaranteeing a maximum comfort experience. Adjustable straps enable a customized fit, while the soft velvet lining offers delicate contact with your skin. Every detail has been carefully thought out to give you an exceptional experience every time.

Give your eyes the treatment they deserve with TheraPearl Warm Cold Eye Mask. Whether you're looking for refreshing or soothing relief, this versatile mask is here to deliver a superior eye wellness experience. Try it now and discover the difference it can make to your daily life.

We also offer Therapearl Multi-Zones Compresse Chaud Froid, at the best price in our online pharmacy.

How do I use this eye mask?

This thermal bag can be used in 2 different ways:

For cold therapy, place the bag in the freezer for at least 2 h.

For hot therapy, the recommended microwave heating times for the Therapearl Articulation thermal pouch are :

  • 700 W: 15s
  • 1000 W: 12s
  • 1250 W: 10s

To reheat in a bain-marie, please refer to the instructions.

  • Precautions for use

    • Always check the temperature of the compress before application.
    • Prolonged application may cause injury, including burns.
    • Do not use on infants.
    • Do not use if you have respiratory problems.
    • Do not use thermotherapy on stitches or open wounds.
    • Do not fall asleep while using the compress.
    • Use only under adult supervision.
    • For extreme, prolonged or chronic pain, consult a doctor.
    • Use only as directed.
    • Warming beyond the suggested time may damage or destroy the Therapearl compress.
    • Do not puncture compress or ingest contents.
    • For external use only.

What is the composition of this migraine solution?

Pearls (non-toxic) containing Propylene glycol gel - Sodium polyacrylate - Colorant - Water.

Plastic envelope.


1 Box containing one Therapearl eye mask, available at the best price in our online pharmacy.

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