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Thermal mask eyes and temples to quickly relieve pain in his hot action or cold using the profits from the thermotherapy .
The principle of thermotherapy is based on pain relief by hot or cold without resorting to medication.
Pain receptors send a message to the brain and when it is hot or cold, this message is more or less truncated. The heat dilates the blood vessels increasing blood circulation, exchanges are facilitated and repair is done more quickly . The heat is ideal in cases of 'stye , blepharitis , chalazion or dry eye.
The cold constricts the vessels, which decreases the inflammation and contributes to the elimination of the hematoma in connection with swollen eyes , headaches, ophthalmic migraines.
This mask is easy to use and its shape perfectly matches the eye and temporal area. It is supplied with its protective cover which allows good support on the sore area.
This medical device is only intended for adults for local application.

  • The flexible eye mask is essential for relieving headaches, sinus pressure, puffy eyes, dry eyes, allergies, symptoms of blepharitis and other eye problems
  • Freeze easily for two hours to feel cooling relief or microwave for 10-15 seconds to penetrate heat
  • Reusable hot and cold compress with gel beads that maintain temperature for about 20 minutes

Eye mask online pharmacy: order your eye mask to treat your tired eyes and headaches

Eyes swollen, tired, dark circles : we all know them. An evening too drunk, a lack of sleep, too often in front of the computer screen, and it is the disaster. This is a very common discomfort that is often accompanied by redness , blurred vision or even headaches .

Find our new range of eye masks in the ophthalmology department of your online bio pharmacy which we use to relax the sight and relieve fatigue .

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