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The wipes are used for the hygiene and care of the eyelids and eyelashes of the whole family and preserves the integrity of the eye. They are recommended for eye hygiene in babies, children and adults.
They are used in the treatment of blepharitis , dryness and eye allergy but also during infection of the eye and eyelid during meibomian dysfunction during a chalazion or a stye for example.

They help to drain the meibomian glands, sebaceous glands located in the epidermis of the eyelids.
These wipes gently cleanse impurities, scabs and secretions from the eye . They also provide soothing and comfort to red, inflamed and sore eyelids. They reduce itching, irritation and discomfort in the eyelids.

Ideal in case of infection, allergy, blepharitis, dry eyes, the wipes gently clean the eyelids and eyelashes .

They remove secretions, impurities and crusts from the eyelids, eyes and eyelashes. They relieve and soothe red and sore eyelids.

The sensations of irritation and itching decrease.
Practical and hygienic, they can be taken everywhere and used by the whole family.

Eye wash and wipes: find our new range of wipes in the beauty department of your online bio pharmacy

Protected by the eyelids, the eye remains a fragile organ, sensitive to infections and allergies . It can become red, scratch, cry, sting, burn, become sensitive to light ...
You will be able to clean your eyes from projections of foreign bodies and chemicals, thanks to cleansing and soothing ophthalmic solutions .

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