Contains Arnica extract valuable and a high concentration of essential oils

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    Contains Arnica extract valuable and a high concentration of essential oils
    No dyes, or preservatives
    Mineral oils
    Tolerability confirmed by dermatological tests
    These bath salts Kneipp Arnica ® contains valuable arnica extract and a high concentration of essential oils cabreuva, rosemary and Pinaceae. It warms and relaxes, as after exercise.
    Combined with the beneficial effect of hot water, arnica and essential oils develop their natural effect.

    Pour 1 cap full of oil in the bath water. Water temperature: 36-38 ° C. Duration of bath: 15 - 20 minutes

    500g box

    Welfare physical and mental condition a healthy and happy life. Feel perfectly healthy and active and look after their well-being inside can be an exciting experience. Water flowing, physical activity, healthy eating, natural ingredients and balance between body and mind. It is these elements that is based to the original philosophy of life and Kneipp health. The natural need of the human being to be healthy and feel good inside and out is central. The human being is an entity combining body, mind and soul. Thus Kneipp includes medical aspects and promoting health but the wellness therapies known and modern. Kneipp owes its originality to the ease with which we can consciously and healthily develop his life. Kneipp is more than just a day of relaxation in the sauna. Kneipp represents a balanced lifestyle perfectly suited to our times and motivates us every day again.

    In therapy, water is the ideal natural carrier for the application of heat, cold, chemicals and mechanical stimuli. Thus, the beneficial applications of heat and cold are at the center of what is called hydrotherapy, famous Kneipp spa. The blood circulation is stimulated and the ability of the body to heal itself is enhanced.

    The science of therapeutic herbs and specific plants is based on thousands of years of experience. plant extracts in high concentrations and in their purest form, as found in the products tested Kneipp, ensure effective and active protection improving health, physical beauty and inner balance.

    An important aspect, regular exercise, preferably outdoors. Mild forms of exercise such as walking, swimming and cycling as well as training programs balanced without having to develop performance mettrent whole body in motion, supports the natural resistance and ensure healthy body and mind.

    A healthy and varied diet completes this comprehensive approach. Kneipp does not advocate strict diet but a balanced consumption of high quality food, preferably low fat. But, given that eating and drinking are extremely important for inner balance and joy of living, a meal should be tasty in all cases.

    All of these are all important, but their effect is palpable that they are associated with a conscious and balanced lifestyle. Balance and harmony in everything that rights are, according to Sebastian Kneipp, the condition based on a healthy, active and enjoyable. That is why this principle is found in the four elements that are forged in a coherent whole. However, the science of Sebastian Kneipp has no precepts or severe banned but rather suggestions on how we can sustainably improve the health and well-being. This principle can be simply summed up as: All in good time and with any measure.

    Sebastian Kneipp was in the 19th century, originally a major breakthrough in natural therapies. After he nursed himself against tuberculosis - disease considered incurable at the time - he took an active interest in the therapeutic action of water and drug activity of some plants.

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