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The ARKOPHARMA ARKOFLUID SLIMMING PROGRAM offers you in 30 days an effective slimming cure.

Ideal before the summer.

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The ARKOPHARMA Laboratories put at your disposal the ARKOFLUIDE SLIMMING PROGRAM which brings together 3 products of the Arkofluide range to offer you in only 30 days a refined silhouette .


  • Arkofluide DETOX : Black Raiders , Black Elderberry, Dandelion and Lemon Juice blend together to perfectly prepare your body by ridding your body of toxins, waste and excess water. Its delicious citrus taste is very refreshing.
  • Arkofluide STARTER MINCEUR : The combination of plant extracts will promote the elimination of fats by turning them into energy: Mate, Fennel, Grape and Pineapple. It is flavored with pineapple.
  • Arkofluide BOOSTER SLIMMING : It strengthens the slimming action and allows you to preserve all your vitality: Green Tea and the Queen of the Meadows help prolong the elimination of fat, and the Green Coffee and Guarana act by boosting your tone. It is flavored with apple.

What are the results of the 30-day Arkopharma slimming program?

The ARKOFLUID SLIMMING PROGRAM allows you in just 30 days to refine your figure and get rid of extra pounds!

10 days with Arkofluide Detox to purify your body

* Black Radish juice components are involved in the drainage and disposal of body waste.
* Elderberry black berries are interesting for purifying cures because they help cleanse the body of toxins.
* Dandelion promotes the renal elimination of water.
* Lemon juice is known for its antioxidant properties and refreshing taste.

10 days with Arkofluide Starter Slimming to attack Slimming action.

* Maté promotes the transformation of fats into energy. Furthermore. this Latin American plant is also appreciated for its toning virtues especially at the beginning of a slimming program to help laquo; recharge your batteries raquo ;.
* Fennel has been known since ancient times in the Mediterranean basin to promote the functions of elimination and drainage of the body.
* The Grape facilitates the micro circulation which promotes the elimination of toxins.
* Pineapple helps to reduce the excess of localized fat responsible for the "orange peel".

10 days with Arkofluide Booster Slimming to find a harmonious silhouette while maintaining tone and vitality.

* Green tea (also known as virgin tea) which is used only young leaves is an unfermented tea to retain all the natural assets that promote the natural metabolism of fat.
* Green coffee (as opposed to roasted coffee) will help you regain your vital balance by "boosting" natural. your tone.
* Guarana is commonly used to improve physical strength and promote fat burning.
* The Meadowsweet promotes the elimination of water and toxins from the body.

How to apply your Arkopharma slimming program effectively?

Arkofluide Slimming program is a 30 day cure.

PHASE 1 (10 days)
Dilute 1 ampoule of Arkofluide DETOX in 1/2 glass of water during the 10 mornings.

PHASE 2 (10 days)
Every morning, dilute 1 ampoule of Arkofluid STARTER MINCEUR in half a glass of water.

PHASE 3 (10 days)
Pour 1 ampoule in 1/2 glass of water and drink every morning.

Composition of ARKOPHARMA Arkofluide program slimming bio 30 days

Arkofluide DETOX Water 'Concentrated apple juice *' Dandelion root concentrate extract * (Taraxacum officinale) (1 g per 10 ml ampoule) (glycerol) 'Concentrated elderberry juice * (Sambucus nigra) (460 mg per 10ml ampoule) 'Black radish juice * (Raphanus sativus) (310 mg per 10ml ampoule)' Concentrated lemon juice * (Citrus limonum) (30 mg per 10ml ampoule). * Ingredient of agricultural origin obtained according to the method of organic production. Produced from Organic Farming. EU / non-EU agriculture. ** Implementation of a plant concentrate titrated on average to: 1500 mg of fructosanes per 100 g of concentrate. Arkofluide STARTER MINCEUR Water - Concentrated pineapple juice * (Pineapple comosus) (2 g) - Concentrated apple juice * - Concentrated extract ** of plants (1 g) (glycerol), obtained from maté leaf * (Ilex paraguariensis), Fennel seed * (Foeniculum vulgare) and Raisin * (Vitis vinifera). * Ingredient of agricultural origin, obtained according to the method of organic production. Product from Organic Farming. Certified by ECOCERT sas F.32600. ** Implementation of a plant concentrate titrated on average to 2300 mg of total polyphenols per 100 g of concentrate. Arkofluide BOOSTER SLIMMING Water - Concentrated Prune Juice * - Concentrated Apple Juice * - Concentrated ** Plant Extract (1g) (glycerol), obtained from Green Tea Leaf * (Camellia sinensis), Green Coffee Bean * (Coffea arabica), Guarana seed * (Paullinia cupana) and flowery queen of Meadowsweet * (Spiraea ulmaria). * Ingredient of agricultural origin, obtained according to the method of organic production. Product from Organic Farming. EU / NON-EU agriculture ** Implementation of a plant concentrate titrated on average to 1100 mg of caffeine For 100 ml For 1 ampoule per 100 g of concentrate.

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