Arkogélules Ginkgo Arkopharma in capsules


Arkogélules Ginkgo Arkopharma in capsules is a food supplement encouraging memory and concentration . Available in boxes of 45 or 150 capsules.

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Used for : circulation, mémoire

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    The Ginkgo is the oldest tree species in the world (over 200 million years old), the only one that has survived climatic and geological changes. The medicinal properties of Ginkgo leaves, part used in herbal medicine, have been discovered since the 1950s.

    Properties of ARKOCAPS GINKGO

    Ginkgo leaves contain:

    • Flavonoids,
    • Flavones,
    • Ginkgolides,
    • of Bilobalide.

    All of these molecules promote the dilation of blood vessels (arteries, veins and capillaries), increase microcirculation and blood viscoelasticity.


    Blood circulation in the brain is increased, resulting in better oxygenation and a better supply of essential nutritional elements to the brain, contributing to a positive effect on memory and learning faculties.

    Tips for using ARKOCAPS GINKGO

    Take 1 capsule morning, noon and evening during meals with a large glass of water.


    For 2 capsules:

    • Ginkgo leaf powder 190 mg
    • of which terpenic lactones 0.19 mg
    • Ginkgo leaf extract 190 mg
    • of which terpene lactones 0.76 mg

    When to see a doctor in case of memory or concentration problems?

    If the memory or concentration disturbances occur suddenly or if they are associated with other neurological symptoms: speech disorders, visual disturbances, balance disturbances, and disturbances of consciousness then this requires a medical consultation of emergency.

    A consultation should be provided without emergency to the doctor if memory disorders or concentration disorders are repeated very regularly or if their frequency increases and if memory loss prevents daily tasks: dressing, cooking ...

    If the memory or concentration disturbances are spaced out over time and are not accompanied by any other symptoms, then it is not necessary to consult your doctor because the frequency of the disturbances increases with age and it is is completely normal.

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