Beads night bach flower Rescue

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Fleurs de Bach RESCUE Fleurs de Bach RESCUE

Beads night bach flower Rescue blister 14 Caps
RESCUE NIGHT PEARLS, FLOWERS OF BACH, is a valuable aid to spend a quiet night.

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Used for : difficulty falling asleep, agitated sleep

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Beads night bach flower Rescue

Bach flowers Rescue Night Pearls blister 14 Caps


Can not find sleep because too many thoughts havoc in your head? You become an insomniac? RESCUE NIGHT BACH FLOWERS will end these sleepless nights thanks to its combination of 6 species Bach Original Flower Remedies to 'zen' effects on the mind and body. Its gel beads disintegrate under the tongue with surprise.
Properties Bach flowers Rescue Night Pearl

Rescue Night Pearls Bach Flower contains:

Extract Flowers Star of Bethlehem
This elixir helps you reduce physical and emotional distress and comfort of sadness.
Extract of Hélianthème Flowers
This medicine increases the courage or self-transcendence, which helps you to cope with major fears and feelings of helplessness.
Extract chestnut White Flowers
This essence allows you to drive recurring thoughts that favors the return of sleep.
Extract Flowers Plum Myrobalan
Flower Plum Myribalan encourages the natural return of inner calm and self-control.
Extract of Impatiens Flowers
This elixir restores inner calm with physical pain or emotional stress.
Extract Clematis Flowers
Clematis you back to consciousness and reality.
A natural solution: This solution is based on Grapeseed Oil and alcohol free.
Results Bach Flowers Rescue Night Pearl

Released from grabbing your thoughts in mind, you are relaxed and calm which allows you to get a good night.
Use of Pearls Night Bach Flowers Rescue Tips

Before bedtime, put a pearl in your mouth and let it melt.
Repeat the operation during the night if you need it.
Precautions Rescue Bach flowers Night Pearl

Comply with the recommended daily dose.
Keep bottle out of reach of children and away from light and heat.
Avoid contact with eyes.
Find the expiration and lot number on the bottle dates.

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