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Fleurs de Bach RESCUE Fleurs de Bach RESCUE

Rescue Spray Night Bach Flowers   Tinted bottle with pipette 20 ml
A 100% natural response to insomnia with this new blend of Bach Originals' Rescue Flowers line.

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Rescue Bach Flower Spray Night in lacquer tinted 20 ml with pipette

Rescue Bach flowers spray for the night: a natural response to insomnia.

If you tend to be insomniac or wake up with dark circles, the new zen concentrate to end the hectic nights will keep you from it.

Description of Rescue Bach Flowers in Night Spray

The famous Rescue Fleurs de Bach Remedy, an association of five original Bach Flower Essences, known for their soothing and relaxing virtues, is now available in night for a serene sleep.

Find the previous formula, supplemented with the Bach White Chestnut flower (or white chestnut) that helps fight against recurring thoughts, often sources of difficulty falling asleep.

Safe and without side effects, Rescue Bach Flower Night is an alternative to taking sleeping pills which France is a big consumer. A third of French people suffer from sleep disorders and 20% from insomnia. But lack of sleep can cause accidents (work, on the road ...), memory problems, academic difficulties, or aggravate existing pathologies (weight gain, depression ...).

2 sprays of Rescue Bach Flower Night to sleep zen, and it's a sweet night ahead. You will find a deep sleep, beautiful dreams and an awakening with a fresh pink complexion.
Its 100% natural composition helps evacuate all those negative thoughts that prevent sleep and make you irritable at dawn.
The trick for the most stressed: Combine Rescue Bach Flower Remedy Classic Day and Rescue Bach Flower Night at bedtime.
Non-addictive - No side effects - No interaction with other treatments.

Dosage of Rescue Bach Flowers spray Night

2 night Rescue sprays directly on the tongue or put in a glass of water.
To repeat if necessary.

Keep the dose for a moment in the mouth before swallowing.
To repeat until improvement of your discomfort.

Precautions of Rescue Bach Flowers Night Spray

Contains alcohol, caution in pregnant women and young children.

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