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Vitamin D3 Granion allows greater robustness of the skeleton and stimulates immune activity in the body by fighting against the natural vitamin D deficiency

Available in box of 90 single or batch of 2x90 capsules.

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Used for : Vitamin D deficiency, Vitamin D3 supplementation, vitamin d3

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    GRANIONS® Vitamin D3

    Granions Vitamin D3 is designed for men or women of any age, deficient little winter sunlight. Issue 100% of Halibut Liver Oil, Vitamin D3 provides better robustness of the skeleton and stimulates immune activity in the body.

    Introducing Granions concentrated Vitamin D3

    VITAMIN D3 Liver Oil City Black, capsule contains 5 mcg lives D3 (200 IU) = daily intake established in accordance with French and European regulations.

    Food supplement for vitamin D supplementation (deficiency) for 3 to 6 months

    Description Granions concentrated Vitamin D3

    Vitamin D3 capsules Granions EA Pharma Laboratories is a dietary supplement derived from research for the whole family dice 3 years. Vitamin D has different uses and purposes:

    Vitamin D helps bind calcium to the bone for extra toughness and maintain skeletal muscle function.
    Vitamin D helps to stimulate the activity of white blood cells responsible for defending the body for stimulation of immune activity in the body.
    Issue 100% of Halibut Liver Oil from Norway.
    Today, 1 billion people in the world has a deficit or insufficient intake of vitamin D.

    Composition of concentrated Vitamin D3 Granions

    Ingredients: Fish oil, liver oil saithe (vitamin A, natural rosemary extract, natural vitamin E, vitamin D). Capsule: gelatin navy. Stabilizer: glycerol.
    Ingredients (for 1 marine capsule):
    Fish oil ..................... 360 mg
    Liver Oil City Black ........ 40 mg
    Vitamin D which ...................... 5 micrograms (200 IU equivalent) (100% RDA *)
    Vitamin A which ...................... 600 mcg (75% RDA *)
    The composition and the assays were prepared in accordance with French and European regulations.
    * RDA: Recommended Daily.
    Dietary supplement

    Suggested use of Vitamin D3 concentrated Granions

    Take 1 capsule daily with a glass of water, preferably in the morning during breakfast.

    Nutritionists Doctors recommend a daily dose of 400 IU ** (2 capsules per day) for children, pregnant women, nursing women and the elderly malnourished.

    Precautions of concentrated Vitamin D3 Granions

    - Granions Vitamin D3 should not be used in patients with a history of allergy to any component of the product.
    - It may contain traces of iodine and soy.
    - It is advisable to consume this dietary supplement as part of a varied and balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.
    - Do not exceed the recommended daily dose
    - Keep out of reach of young children.

    Introducing Granions concentrated Vitamin D3

    Food supplement Box of 90 marine capsules (3 months of treatment against the vitamin D deficiency) or limited offers set of 2 x 90 capsules (6 months of treatment against the vitamin D deficiency).

    Our expert advice in pharmacies


    The power is not enough to compensate for the lack of synthesis of vitamin D linked to insufficient sunlight. Indeed, the usual diet of people living in France brings quantities of Vitamin D lower than required.
    In France, the SUVIMAX study (2003) had shown that over 70% of adults (men and women) have an inadequate intake of vitamin D.
    The main populations are postmenopausal women, the elderly, people with dark or black skin, breastfeeding women, people with little exposure to the sun ...
    No preservatives or artificial coloring, Granions Vitamin D3 may be advisable in lactating women. The milk vitamin D levels are affected by maternal vitamin status, and increased intake (exposure to sunlight, adequate supplementation) increases the rate. Daily intake by nursing mothers vitamin D optimizes the status of women for this vitamin, and ensure a good vitamin D status in breastfed her baby.

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    After the success of Granions bulbs, EA Pharma launched early 2012 the range of food supplements in capsules manufactured to meet pharmaceutical standards. Each reference has a maximum dosage allowed by the French and European regulations.

    Granions offers three product lines:

    • The range Granions Expert, with assets such as vitamin D, red yeast rice, the Co-Enzymes ... The assets are in unit form is a Granion product corresponds to an active, sometimes two.
    • The range Granions Health, which are proposed combinations of specific nutrients (trace elements, herbs, vitamins ...) to meet a specific need.
    • The range offers Granions Child food supplements in the form of syrup for children and tweens. Syrups are based agave syrup and no added sugar.

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