YLO 04. Respiration Pen of phyto-acupressure

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YLO 04. Respiration Pen of phyto-acupressure in our pharmacy bio, Comment on advice for use and dosage with our partner Avis checked after your purchase.

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Partners with: Thyme essential oil BIO satureioide PRANAROM 10ml, YLO 04. Breathing refill for pen

Used for : rhume, nez bouché, nez qui coule, sinusite

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    YLO 04. Respiration Pen of phyto-acupressure

    Ylo Respiration - Nasal Obstruction is specially developed to reduce runny nose, irritation and sneezing and clear the stuffy nose.

    Description of YLO 04. Respiration Pen of phyto-acupressure

    The pen of phyto-acupressure Respiration is composed of a complex of plants with the decongestant and soothing virtues of the ENT sphere

    • Saposhnikovia from Korea: fight against runny nose and act on moisture
    • The Lampourde d'Orient: decongest nasal passages
    • Magnolia: calm irritation of mucous membranes

    Advice for use and dosage

    1. Locate Acupressure Zones with Guide

    2. Apply active plant concentrate to areas

    3. Activate by pressing the areas with the 2 stainless tips of the pen of Phyto-acupressure

    The pen works with all refills.

    Natural solution, suitable for sensitive skin, without addiction.

    Suitable for pregnant women.

    Suitable for children over 3 years old.

    Comment on the tips for use and dosage of YLO 01. Sleep Refill Herbal Extract with our Verified Reviews partner after your purchase.


    1 pen of phyto-acupressure

    1 refill of active plant concentrate Respiration - about 20 days of use , 4ml

    1 acupressure zone guide and 1 pen case.

    Precaution of use

    Do not leave within the reach of children

    Our advice and expert advice in pharmacy

    In the case of a stuffy nose with cough, have the reflex Thyme!

    Indeed, this plant of Mediterranean origin was already used in antiquity for its purifying virtues. Thyme is a natural antiseptic in addition to having a scented smell.

    With this property, this plant decreases inflammation of the airways and calms dry coughs. To enjoy its benefits, you can consume it in two ways:

    In herbal tea: Infuse a teaspoon of thyme in a cup of boiling water covered for about 8 to 10 minutes. Filter the solution to drink it.

    To further soothe dry cough, you can also add a spoonful of honey in your herbal tea. This remedy of grandmother has proven itself, it should not be deprived.

    Essential oil of thyme inhalation: Like any essential oil, it concentrates the virtues of plants. You can use it in essential oil to decongest the nose and find a better breathing.

    Buy Your Ylo Acupressure Products in your Bio Pharmacy Online

    Ylo was created by Y-Nhi , a doctor of pharmacy, who, on the one hand, was immersed in conventional pharmacy studies like his grandfather professor of medicine. On the other, was educated by the knowledge of his grandmother who introduced him to his secret herbal remedies.

    During a trip to Asia, Y-Nhi discovers that these remedies come from another medicine, called " traditional ", based on the principle of body-mind balance. She then decides to train in Asia and in France within the Integrated Center of Chinese Medicine of La Pitié-Salpêtrière. It is the synergy of these two sciences that is at the heart of each Ylo product.

    In 2015, Y-Nhi meets Laurent. Expert in “selfcare” health products, Laurent has explored both traditional and professional medicines, and is deeply convinced of their effectiveness. Y-Nhi and Laurent share the same desire to publicize the benefits of this millennial natural medicine and decide to launch their start-up together!

    How to treat yourself by acupressure?

    Born in China 3000 years ago, acupressure has spread to neighboring countries to give birth to different techniques. We think in particular of tsubo-shiatsu in Japan, the boom-huyet in Vietnam, or su-de-chim in Korea.

    Acupressure activates by pressure the "acupoints", specific areas on the body, called "acupressure areas" to harmonize the flows in the meridians and soothe disorders.

    Acupressure can be practiced by self-massage with the fingers or with acupressure instruments. There are in particular instruments made of metal, wood, horn, plastic, which allow better pressure, more precise, more regular and longer than the fingers.

    Unlike acupuncture, which is invasive and requires the intervention of a professional third party, acupressure on the skin can be done yourself.

    A natural alternative to herbal remedies in capsules

    Phyto-acupressure , although practiced in self-medication, is compatible with consultations with practitioners. By balancing the flow of the body, it allows better efficiency of consultations. By preparing the body and the mind, it increases and maintains the benefits of each consultation.

    It should be done calmly, while sitting, standing or lying down. It allows you to listen to your body because the acupressure areas are often sensitive depending on the disorders.

    Particularly effective in the management of everyday ailments such as sleep disorders, headaches, digestive disorders or nasal obstruction.

    Phyto-acupressure is the synergistic combination of two pillars of traditional Asian medicine, practiced on oneself.

    Respiratory comfort and herbal medicine: find our new range of phytotherapeutic products to effectively treat your respiratory comfort in a natural way

    Respiratory gene , runny nose , bronchitis , tracheitis , cough , allergies , asthma all the factors that can spoil your daily life ... The days are exhausting and the nights very short! This is why we must react quickly to clear the airways and allow better comfort .
    As much inconvenience as causes of fatigue, decline in the quality of life that herbal medicine will perfectly treat.
    Congestion of the airways is the result of the weakening of the immune system which causes significant discomfort and fatigue. That is why it is essential to help the body to free itself from the obstructive evil. The extracts of fresh plants , characterized by their high efficiency, help to clear the breath and thus lighten the tiredness felt. Particularly known for its tonic and purifying effects , thyme is a precious ally for breathing with ease .
    Thus, fat cough, dry cough , colds , rhinitis , pharyngitis , nasopharyngitis or early laryngitis can be soothed with herbal medicine.

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