Phytosun Aroms Essential Oil of Scots Pine

Phytosun Aroms Essential Oil of Scots Pine

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The essential oil of Scots pine is used to fight against smoking, winter respiratory ailments and heavy legs.

What is Scots Pine Essential Oil used for?

Scots Pine essential oil is distinguished by its high monoterpene content, includingalpha-pinene, beta-pinene and limonene. These biochemical compounds give the oil its exceptional properties, making it an essential natural solution for those seeking to improve their daily well-being.

Alpha-pinene plays a crucial role as an expectorant and mucolytic, making Scots Pine essential oil particularly effective at decongesting the respiratory tract. This action is reinforced by its balsamic and respiratory antiseptic virtues, which help prevent inflammation of the mucous membranes and halt the development of pathogenic germs.

In addition to its effects on the respiratory system, the oil is also recognized for its tonic, neurotonic, stimulating and hypertensive properties. The cortison-like activity of alpha-pinene stimulates numerous bodily functions, helping to maintain good general health and raise blood pressure.

Among its secondary properties, Scots Pine essential oil offers benefits as ananti-inflammatory, blood sugar regulator, percutaneous analgesic, lymphatic decongestant, sexual tonic and rubefacient. These characteristics make the oil a versatile remedy for a variety of conditions.

Traditionally used to relieve respiratory tract ailments and heavy legs, Scots Pine essential oil is perfectly suited to modern needs, particularly in the fight against smoking. Extracted by steam distillation from the needles of Scots Pine, a tree that can live for over 500 years, it is a powerful and pure product.

Phytosun AromsScots Pine Essential Oil is a true treasure of nature, offering a wide range of health benefits. Its expectorant, toning and anti-inflammatory properties make it a must-have for all those seeking to preserve their health naturally and effectively. Let yourself be seduced by the strength and purity of nature encapsulated in every drop of this essential oil.

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How to use Scots Pine Essential Oil?

To benefit from its antiseptic and soothing properties on respiratory infections such as bronchial coughs, dilute 20%Scots Pine essential oil in black cumin vegetable oil. Apply this preparation to the chest and upper back for deep, long-lasting relief.

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Precautions for use

  • Never use undiluted: due to its dermocaustic nature, the oil should always be diluted.
  • Prohibitions: not recommended for pregnant or breast-feeding women, asthmatics without an allergist's opinion, people with kidney failure or a history of kidney failure, and people suffering from hormone-dependent cancers.
  • Adult and adolescent use: if used by route of administration, avoid use on young children and babies, except for atmospheric diffusion.
  • Dilution for cutaneous application: mix with 80% vegetable oil for all skin applications.
  • Diffusion: can be diffused pure or in combination with other oils, ideally diluted with citrus essential oils to avoid irritating mucous membranes.

What does it contain?

Pinus sylvestris, needles, pinenes, limonene, B-myrcene, camphene, cadinenes.

Biochemical characteristics

  • α-pinene: 37 to 53
  • β-pinene: 15 to 41
  • limonene: 2 to 9
  • myrcene: ≤ 7%
  • δ-3-carene: ≤ 7%

Production process and quality

Obtained by complete steam distillation, Scots Pine essential oil comes from France. It is guaranteed 100% pure, natural and integral, H.E.B.B.D. certified, ensuring optimal quality and efficacy. This organic Scots Pine essential oil from Phytosun Aroms embodies the perfect fusion of tradition and innovation, offering a natural solution to improve your general well-being. Its broad spectrum of action makes it a choice ally for those seeking to strengthen their health naturally.

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