Wounds and burns 

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Wounds and burns - First aid

Abrasions, cuts, burns, bleeding , have good reflexes to heal the wounds of the little adventurers ... and the older ones. A finger cut during the preparation of the meal? A hand burned using the barbecue? A knee skinned by falling off a bike? The daily is punctuated by small sores ... Find all the care for the treatment of wounds and burns in our parapharmacy.

Treat burn wounds

  • Wash the burn with cold water for 15 to 20 minutes
  • Identify the cause of the accident
  • Protect the wound with a sterile dressing preferably
  • Quickly consult for advice and treatment according to the severity

How to choose your dressings

In view of the large number of dressings on the market, it is important to know how to choose the most adapted according to its material, the type of use and the dressing class.

  • This is why it is advisable to choose hydrocolloid dressings that absorb liquid from the wound and protect against external infections.
  • Hydrogel dressings are recommended to hydrate the skin in case of burns
  • The charcoal dressings , covered with a non-adherent nonwoven envelope, make it possible to have a very large adsorption surface and are used during superinfected wounds.
  • The hydrocellular dressings are characterized by a foam that attracts and retains the exudates.
  • The tulle fat bandages prevent the dressing from sticking and helps the tissue reformation.

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