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Buy bandages and medical tapes in your bio pharmacy

No one is safe from injury , a blow or a fall . The band is one of the care products to have in his medicine cabinet. The adhesive tape is used for dressing fixation , depending on the model, but also for the restraint . The advantage: it adapts to all morphologies, and it is possible to position any type of dressing on the wound . There are different types of tape: the crepe tape, the stretch tape, the adhesive tape, the cohesive tape or the resin tape.

How to choose bandages and medical tape

Discover our whole range of dressing products in the Health department of our organic pharmacy Care and Nature.   Each type of medical tape has a specific use:

  • Gauze bandage: The use of gauze bands is recommended for wrapping a wound on which a compress or dressing has been applied when the use of a plaster is not possible on the skin.
  • Crepe tape : Crepe bands are strips of elastic tissue that hold a compress or bandage on a wound to stop bleeding.
  • Cohesive tape : The cohesive bands are used to fix the bandages correctly but also to carry bandages of support in the case of slight fractures to the joints.
  • Restraint tape : The compression tape is mainly used to reduce edema and hematoma (sprains, bruises ...). Their application must be carried out by competent personnel as it is essential to respect a certain degree of pressure on the limb.

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