Health-Green DETOX BIO detoxify and drain 500 ml


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Health-Green DETOX BIO 500 ml for sale in our organic pharmacy, is a dietary supplement to drink, bringing chlorella for the detoxification of the body, and black elder for its action slimming. Gluten-free Suitable for vegetarians

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    Health-Green DETOX BIO detoxify and drain 500 ml

    DETOX BIO is a complex of 17 active ingredients that offer an effective and natural solution for detoxifying and draining the body by acting on the 5 emunctories:
    Natural detoxification of the body
    Elimination of toxins and heavy metals
    Support for drainage and disposal functions
    Its formula contains a synergy of plants from organic farming recognized for their effectiveness in detoxifying the organism, in particular Fennel that supports toxin elimination systems

    Description of Health-Green DETOX BIO detoxify and drain 500 ml

    The liver has a purifying action by capturing the toxins present in the blood, filtering them and eliminating them. Chlorella, Rosemary and Lemon act on the liver via their cholagogue and choleretic properties, facilitating the stimulation and evacuation of bile.

    The kidneys also pump waste from the blood and eliminate it via urine. Bubble sap, Elderberry, Dandelion and Cassis act directly on detoxification by increasing diuresis and fighting water retention via the kidneys.

    Skin eliminates toxins via sweat and via sebum. Due to the surface that the skin represents, these eliminations, although discrete, allow the elimination of a large mass of toxins. This action is reinforced by the presence of Viorne, Chestnut, Eglantine and Nettle, which will limit the fouling of the skin and facilitate detoxination.

    The lungs discharge gaseous waste while absorbing the gases and mucus that can clutter your body. The Viorne, the Rosehip and the White Bouillon will thus participate in capturing and eliminating toxins from pollution, smoke, etc.

    The intestines limit the absorption of exogenous toxins: they capture the nutrients essential to the body and reject waste through the stool. Figuier, Sea buckthorn and Fennel, because of their diuretic, depurative and anti-inflammatory properties, reduce water retention, eliminate toxins and facilitate drainage through the intestinal system. Ginger has many properties, especially on digestion. It reduces intestinal pain, gas and bloating. Marshmallow, natural sweet laxative, calms the irritations of the mucous membranes, protects their tissues and stimulates the digestion.

    Usage advice and dosage

    Take 1 cap of 40 ml per day, diluted in a glass of water.

    Store in the refrigerator after opening.

    Give your opinion on the advice of use and dosage of Green Health DETOX BIO detoxify and drain 500 ml with our partner reviews verified after your purchase.



    40 ML


    40 ML

    Birch Sap • [Betula pendula]

    Extract of Marshmallow • [Althaea officinalis] Extract of Rosemary · [Rosmarinus officinalis] Chestnut Extract • (Castanea sativaJ Cassis extract · (Ribes nigrum)

    Figic Extract · [Ficus caricaJ

    Dandelion Extract "[Taraxacum officinale]

    3819 mg

    503.5 mg

    321.6 mg

    321.6 mg

    321.6 mg

    321.6 mg

    281.4 mg

    Extr ia de Fenouil "(Foeniculum vu / station) Sea buckthorn juice • [Elaeagnus rhamnoides] Ginger extra • (lingiber officinale)

    Extract of White Bouillon · [Verbascum thapsus]

    Extr ia of Viorne · [Viburnum lantana]

    Eglantier extract · (Rosa canina)

    Lemon Extract • (Citrus limon)

    201 mg 20 μmg L51.2 mg

    126.4 mg

    120.6 mg

    120.6 mg

    100 mg

    Elderberry Extract · (Sambucus nigra)

    250.8 mg

    Extract of Nettle "(Urtica dioica)

    100 mg

    Chlorella extract (Chlorella vulgaris)

    201 mg

    Health Green Drainer Nature 500 ml contains: Water. water extract of Bio 'IAilhaea officinalis) marshmallow root, Bio' IBetula pendula 'birch sap), aqueous extract of organic dandelion roots (Taraxacum officinale). aqueous extract of Elderberry flowers Bio '[Sambucus nigra]. Chlorella aqueous extract (Chlore / la vuigaris), aqueous extract of Fenouil Bio seeds "(Foeniculum vulgare), aqueous extract of organic ginger rhizome" [lingiber officinale]. aqueous extract of leaves of White Bouillon "Werbascum thapsus"), an aqueous extract of pericarp of Citron Bio "Citrus limon !. aqueous extract of leaves of Drtie Bio 'IUrtica dioi'caJ. Hydroalcoholic extract of glycerin of young sprouts of Rosemary Bio 'IRosmarinus officinaiisl. Glycerinated hydroalcoholic extract of Buds of Leaves of Chestnut Bio '(Castanea saliva). Hydroalcoholic glycerin extract of buds of Cassis Bio leaves "[Ribes nigrum]. Hydroalcoholic glycerin extract of buds of leaves of" Bio Ficus "[Ficus carica], Organic Buckwheat juice" [Elaeagnus rhamnoides.) Hydroalcoholic glycerine extract of leaf buds of Viorne Bio "[Viburnum iantanal. Hydroalcoholic glycerine extract of young shoots of Organic Rosehip "Rosa caninaJ" acidity regulator: citric acid, ingredient from organic farming

    Precaution of use

    Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. Keep out of reach of children. Health Green Drainer Nature 500 ml can not substitute for a varied, balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle.

    Presentation of Health-Green DETOX BIO detoxify and drain

    500 ml bottle

    Our advice and expert advice in pharmacy

    Santé Verte recommends the use of DETOX BIO in addition to the CELLULYSSE range

    Quality Health Green, an expert in herbal medicine:
    Drawing on expertise gained since 1985, the Green Health Laboratories forge their reputation on

    • their exclusive formulas herbal, vitamins, minerals, amino acids ...
    • their natural products, and quality
    • their service to listen to the consumer

    Dietary supplements and natural cosmetics Green Health Laboratories are distributed exclusively in pharmacy and drugstore.

    Health Green cheap in your bio pharmacy online

    Green Health Laboratories is a French brand of dietary supplements, strong of an experience of 30 years meadows in the distribution of food supplements and dietary products and member of the National Union of dietary supplements (SYNADIET). Green Health Laboratories range offers consumers the very best: products formulated herbal, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes and whose effectiveness is based on a thorough knowledge of essential nutrients.

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