EXTRA scentless BLOSSOM IPHYM Herbalism Matricaria recutita L.

Chamomile (chamomile) - around Capitol Pack 250 g View larger

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Matricaria (Chamomile) - Capitol entire package of 250 g

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Used for : pruritus not histamine-dependent

contains: scentless

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    Matricaria (Chamomile) - Capitol entire package of 250 g

    EXTRA scentless BLOSSOM IPHYM Herbalism Matricaria recutita L.

    Latin name: Matricaria recutita L.

    Family: Asteraceae

    Common Names: German chamomile, Small chamomile Camomèle, sun Eye, Wild chamomile

    Used parts: Flower

    Origin: Europe, North Africa

    EXTRA properties scentless BLOSSOM

    Scentless flower has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, anti-mutagenic, cholesterol-lowering, anti-phlogiston and powerful anti-pruritic. Flavonoids it contains are antispasmodic. It is a carminative plant, stomachic and choleretic. It is anti-ulcer and gastroesophageal protective vis-a-vis ulcers. a protective activity is noted vis-a-vis of the gastric lesions induced by ethanol and indomethacin, which inhibits the production of urease Helicobacter pylori (oily maceration of heads). This herb is also anti-diarrheal and anti-allergic. It also gives it bactericidal, fungicidal and hypnotic modest activity. But also anxiolytic, aqueous extracts affinity for central benzodiazepine receptors, apigenin is a competitive ligand for benzodiazepine receptors without anticonvulsant or muscle relaxant effect. Feverfew is further an anti-cancer and a pro-apoptotic. There is a synthesis inhibition and the release of inflammatory mediators.
    In local applications, bisabolol increases the trans-cutaneous passage of low absorption to drugs, it is anti-inflammatory such as apigenin and luteolin, which have the same activity as indomethacin.

    Indications and uses chamomile FLOWER EXTRA

    scentless flower is used in the following therapeutic indications:

    - Inflammation and gastric ulcer, gastritis, intestinal spasms, reduces symptoms of dyspepsia

    - Spastic bowel disease, enteritis, cramps, bloating

    - Disorders of menstruation, dysmenorrhea

    - Sleep disorders, anxiety, mild nervous breakdown

    - Skin and mucous membrane inflammations, pruritus not histamine-dependent

    - Skin infections and Dental

    Cons-indications and precautions with chamomile FLOWER EXTRA

    - The herniarin (coumarin) may be allergenic

    - Known hypersensitivity to Asteraceae

    - Avoid direct eye bath infusion, always on closed eye

    - Potential interactions with warfarin Dental

    EXTRA dosage scentless BLOSSOM

    - Inflammation and gastric ulcer, gastritis
    - Spastic bowel disease, enteritis, cramps, bloating
    - Disorders of menstruation
    - Sleep disorders, anxiety, mild nervous breakdown
    Infusion: pour boiling water over 4 g of flowers, cover and let stand for 10 min, filter immediately

    Botanical description EXTRA scentless BLOSSOM

    - Herb of 20 to 50 cm, highly aromatic
    - Inflorescences in heads, hollow cone receptacle
    - Flowers white ray florets, yellow tubular flowers in the center

    EXTRA pharmacology scentless BLOSSOM

    Active ingredients: HE, sesquiterpene alcohols, dicycloéthers, sesquiterpene lactones, flavonoids, coumarins, mucilage, inulin-type fructan

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